Are you thinking of treating your hair at home? Planning to do hair rebonding at home but don’t know how or not sure which products to use? 

Here are the products you can purchase in case you are planning to rebond your hair during this lockdown. I recommend these products because I have used them and the shops from LAZADA have good reviews from customers. 

1 – MONEA Hair Rebond System – Php 269 

Monea is an excellent brand for hair care. I have used their Hair Rebond set several times. I like that it is affordable. Also, when used meticulously, can result to sleek, straight, shiny hair. I usually buy it from Watson’s but often it is out of stock. So, in case the physical shops run out of this product, you can order online.

2 – (2PCS) OMG developer 100 ml – Php 58

3 – (2PCS) Monea bleaching powder – Php 56

4 – Loreal Excellence Hair Color – Dark Blonde – Php 349 

5 – Coloring brush/applicator and mixing cup plus ear covers – Php 75

6 – Sectioning clamp/ Hair Clips – Php 100

7 – Hair Iron – Php 496

This flat hair iron brand is Ckeyin. It is a professional hair straightener flat iron with adjustable temperature buttons and a great hair styling tool. I recommend this because for it’s price, it is functional and also looks posh.

8 – Hair Dryer – Php 226

Felt like I won paying only Php 226 plus shipping fee for this hair styling tool. Looks sturdy. Temperature and wind speed are adjustable.

9 – (OPTIONAL) – Dark towels – Php 92

10 – (OPTIONAL) – Plastic gloves – Php 28

11 – Monea Keratin Purple Blondie Shampoo/Conditioner – Php 245

The Monea Keratin Blondie Purple Shampoo and conditioner set is the blonde hair protector. This set keeps bleached hair from turning brassy yellow. 

12 – MONEA POWER DOSE – Php 199

I swear by this after-care treatment by Monea. This is perfect for rebonded hair with its super-intense conditioning Keratin treatment. I highly recommend you purchase this as a hair supplement. Actually, I use this daily and the purple shampoo (only three times a week).

13 – Plastic comb with long tail – Php 14

14 – (OPTIONAL) Hair dye set (5, 6 10, 13) – Php 260

    Hope this helps! If you have questions or immediate concerns, do let me know in the comments below!