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If you are looking for a cheap, safe place to stay in Baguio City you can try Gracean Transient Garden. We stayed there for 3 days last April. We found their ads in together with many others which were either unavailable or unreachable that time. Get their contact information here.

The place was being developed. Units on the second floor were under construction. We stayed in the basement, in a 50 sqm unit for Php350/head per night. Rooms next to ours were occupied by 2 groups of teenagers. It’s not difficult to find Gracean Transient Garden but not that easy as well. We had to keep in touch with Tita Grace to get there.

Ms. Grace is the woman behind the green gate on the right

Ms. Grace Santiago is the land lady. She’s very welcoming and cheerful. She kept on asking what else we needed as if generously willing to assist us. You can definitely ask her whatever you need and she’ll try to accommodate your entire request, including Magic Sing! Yes! That’s why I like her. Haha



We stayed at a unit with 2 bedrooms with 3 queen sized beds. The bedroom where I stayed had 2 beds, each can accommodate two people. The other room had only one bed. There were no closets or cabinets inside the rooms, no hangers, or hooks, so our stuff slept quietly inside our suitcases. Nothing else was inside the room, just bed, windows with curtains and the tiled floor. There were lights of course!

Definitely the 2 bedrooms can ideally be good for 6 people, but the package we availed was good for 10 people, so they needed to add beds. Unfortunately the rooms can’t accommodate 2 more beds. So, our two guy friends stayed in the living room. One slept in the couch, one in the foam (provided by tita Grace). Another foam was added to the larger room to accommodate two more people.

Pillows and blankets were clean and comfortable. You can request for extra pillows if you want.


The unit where we stayed at had one bathroom so we really need to wait for each other’s turn. Imagine all ten of us preparing for an early morning activity, a bit time consuming but manageable.

As expected there were no hooks and cabinet. We couldn’t hang the towel or our clothes while bathing. It was quite a pain in the neck.

There was a heater, and it was messed up. It would heat just enough water to fill a pail or two. So definitely the first person to take the shower would enjoy the hot water (and that’s always me hehe). But after that it seemed to cool down. We needed to wait for 2 hours or so to use it again.

Luckily, we could boil water from the stove. Problem solved.

The flash is good. It better be!

Kitchen/ Living room

My best friend April modeling for green mangoes haha

Us playing monopoly

The sink is sinking. I’m just kidding. The (micro mini) kitchen had not much utensils. If I remember we shared cups and spoons and used plastic forks. But I think you can request for those. We weren’t able to try though.

The stove is not suitable for me. It’s ok with the guys, they could turn the burner on by adjusting the control knob while lighting the burner with a match. Ugh, scary for me.

The refrigerator was awesome. You can put your clothes behind it to dry hahaha I tried it. It was like an instant dryer.

The Cable TV had a terrible signal. Weird. Plus, you need a special skill to select channels.

The outlets were limited so try to bring your own extensions.

There was a dining table that was situated in between the ref and the sink and near the wall so definitely we could just place things on top of it; two people could dine though.

Couch was big enough to accommodate my tall friend during the nights.

We often asked for rags, the tiled floor easily got wet and messy.


There was wifi. Good luck if you can connect. And good luck to your mobile phone’s signal too. As for us, we could barely use wifi.


Here is the address.

When you go out you can easily get a taxi. Normal fare from Gracean to SM Baguio is 50-75 pesos. It’s one of the best experiences in Baguio—paying cheap taxi fares, maybe because they need not to use air conditioner.

Here are some pictures you can enjoy:

Walking to the transient
waiting area



living room