Sinagtala Farm and Resort has built a tranquil, chic getawayโ€”20 mud huts inside the Bataan National Park. The unique outdoor glamping suite, complete with an individual toilet, cozy bedding, an electric fan, and a window that opens to the lush surroundings, caters to those who want to escape city stress.ย 

These mud huts are made from clay with bamboo walls and wooden panels. Inside is plenty of space for two sleeping mattresses. The ceiling is high. You won’t feel restricted or confined. You can comfortably stand up and move from the sleeping area to the private bathroom.

As you can see, the interior has no decorative elements. I prefer it that way because the mind can be drawn to the outdoor “natural decors” โ€” the colorful plants that deserve more attention!

Sinagtala Farm Resort’s glamping mud huts will fit a group of four to five people. With Php4000 rate per night, guests can also have the access to the infinity pool and adventure park.

A visitor here can look up and may see an eagle floating like kites or diving for prey. On the slopes and ravine are thousands of coffee, coconut, guyabano, lanzones, and rambutan trees. For just P4,000 per mud hut, it can house four to five persons who can enjoy its simple but useful amenities including the infinity pool nearby, fresh air and alluring surrounding.

Sinagtala Management

Fun activities to try while glamping

Sinagtala has a lot of activities set in their adventure park. Check them out here.

How to get to Sinagtala Farm & Resort

From Cubao:

Take a bus going to Mariveles, Bataan (I recommend Genesis). Tell the conductor you are going to Sinagtala. Get off at Orani Highway at the Petron Gasoline station. From here, you can take a tricycle to Sinagtala Resort.

Fare: Bus ~Php 200 Tricycle: ~Php100

You may contact the resort for questions and other travel-related concerns.

Parting Words

Glamping is a wonderful experience. It offers an opportunity to reconnect with nature, people, and yourself while in a unique outdoor accommodation, in a refreshing environment. Definitely, a must try! And if you do, I recommend you try glamping in these lovely mud huts of Sinagtala!

What do you think about these glamping mud huts? Have you ever tried glamping? Do you want to experience glamping here at Sinagtala? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thank you for reading this article! Don’t forget to share!