Getting discounts on flights is easier than you think—just use these hacks!


Millennials as an entire generation love to travel. We want to explore the world beyond the safe cocoon of our friends and families and want to see the unknown and the unexplored. But we also want to travel within a budget. The biggest hurdle when it comes to flights—be it for international travel or domestic travel, is the flight tickets! Flight tickets can often be very expensive which leads to a damper in any plans to fly out to newer places.

However, that can easily be solved with the various online travel deals & offers that are available. One just needs to be smart and savvy while making travel plans. Here are some of the best hacks to help you get discounts on your flights.

1. Search for flight tickets in incognito mode

This is one of the hacks that is super important but is not known to many people. The internet, based on the cookies on your browser can inflate the prices of flights if a certain destination or route is searched for too often from the same browser to motivate you to purchase tickets faster. This does not take place if you buy your flight tickets in the incognito mode. You will also end up getting the cheapest deals for flights in such a case.

2. Use your credit card or debit card points along with your airline miles while purchasing tickets

Using your credit / debit card points or your airlines miles is a great way of saving money while travelling to a new place on a flight. You basically end up saving the entire travel amount and can spend that money on newer experiences while travelling to a hitherto unexplored location. Who knows you might also end up getting better deals from the airlines or your credit card company itself?

3. Look for deals that are being offered by the airlines themselves

Many airlines offer various secret or not-so-secret deals to their customers. The trick is to search and research your travel plans and itinerary properly so as to be able to avail these deals. Many airlines such as Emirates offer discounts on their flights, you only need to apply Emirates Coupon codes to avail these deals. For example, if you want to fly to Dubai, use the Flydubai Promo Codes to avail discount.

4. Book your flights early

The oldest and the most effective trick in the book is to book your flight tickets as early as possible to avoid paying extra. Book your tickets the moment you know where you are going and when. This will help save you a lot of money and you might actually end up getting flights at really discounted rates which would otherwise not be possible if you book a last moment flight. This is one of the best ideas to look at if you are planning a budget trip.

5. Figure out when would be the cheapest time of the year to fly

Figuring out the cheapest time of the year to fly to a certain place along with the cheapest flight and dates is also a very good idea. For example, flight tickets to the beach are generally cheaper when it is not the holiday season because people do not have the time to take a vacation at that point of time. Not only that, but certain days are also cheaper to fly out on compared to other days. For example, flying out on a Friday might end up being more costly than flying out mid-week, say on a Wednesday.

6. Budget air carriers are your best friend!

When it comes to cheap travel by air, budget air carriers are you best bet! You might have to compromise a bit on leg space or free food (which is generally not available in these carriers unlike the premium airlines) but you will definitely end up saving a lot of money on the travel. Flying in economy class is a good idea when it comes to a budget tour. However, make sure you read the fine print, including the luggage allowance and other terms and conditions well before buying a budget flight ticket.

Well, now that you know these handy tricks, and have already started planning for a budget trip to the place of your dreams already, when do you plan on going for your next vacation? Book those tickets already! The sky is your limit.

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