Cruising Going Places X Zomato PH TASTE #TravelForFood Event


Manila Bulletin’s travel magazine Cruising Going Places celebrates its 16th year and boy
we are so lucky to be a part of it!

Together with Zomato Philippines, Cruising Magazine launched 16 #TravelForFood events featuring sixteen remarkable restaurants (and house specials). The TASTE event
aims to rediscover what the metro has to offer in terms of fine food and dining as well as provide references for an intown respite for everyone who loves food and entertainment.  

Today, The Girl with the Muji Hat participated at the 14th taste event of Cruising Going Places. The group dinner was held at
Morita Japanese Restaurant at Fisher Mall in Quezon City and was attended by CruisingMagazineXZomatoPH contest winners, foodies and press people. Main favorites from Morita Japanese Restaurant and Truly Asia Restaurant were generously served. Shirts and bags were raffled off…

The night was super fun! (MORE PHOTOS HERE)

It was our first time in the restaurant and also my first
time to try sea urchin in the Philippines. The last time I ate sea urchin was in
Sapporo. I would say that it tastes okay. The sake sashimi plate is probably my favorite especially the Hamamachi and the Korean radish. The raw fish taste authentic. 

Truly Asia served crispy Thai Papaya salad. It has a hint of spiciness
and an overwhelming sour taste. I kind of liked the taste but I wasn’t sure if it’s good to pair with the sashimi.

By the way, sea urchin in Morita was really great because we
didn’t have stomachache. I just have to say this because the last time my friend ate sea urchin in a Japanese restaurant in Alabang, he (and others) had a bad case of diarrhea. So…

The night’s dessert was also served by Truly Asia. It is a peach a la mode with sugared banana pastries. The taste is familiar but certainly delectable. Two thumbs up for the appetizing presentation.

Congratulations Cruising Magazine and Zomato PH! More years of awesome writing and food and travel inspirations!  

We were happy to have participated in (and received prizes from) this momentous event. As said, this event is the 14th. You can still participate in the remaining two!

Do you want to be a part of the 15th leg of TASTE #TravelForFood event? Click here to know how. And if you know excellent dining areas/ have recommended restaurants around Metro Manila feel free to share about them below.

Thanks so much! 

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