Located at 910 Arnaiz Avenue in Makati City, CCL (CAFÉ, CHÁ E LEMBRANÇAS) Cafè is what its name suggests: a place to create memories over coffee and tea.

With a menu that currently features pasta, waffles, and caffeinated beverage, CCL Cafè is a gorgeous coffee bar that caters to the working and business people around Greenbelt area. 

If you want a relaxing work spot that has exquisite tables or thoughtful design and decors, you will enjoy hanging in this café. It has fast internet connection and power outlets inside its roomy yet cozy space. 

It is one of the cafés that will surely make an impression to you from when you enter the premise, when you actually go up the stairs that lead to the entrance, and when you are inside. 

Its interior has the warm tones of the wood elements that are balanced by the cool air conditioning and greenery that’s spread in appropriate places. (I really love the plants!!!) 

Inside smells fresh and floral. I know the diffuser in the corner provides the soothing vapor but I am sure the dried flowers arranged on table tops also add to the fragrant smell.

CCL cafe interior
butterfly wooden table at CCL Cafe
CCL Cafe coffee bar counter
CCL Cafe Seafood pasta

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CCL serves pasta (Php 235 – Php290), milk tea, fruit tea (Php120 – Php135), milk shakes (Php140), coffee (Php80 – Php155), waffles, soup, and snacks like fries and quesadilla. Last night we tried the creamy salmon soup, seafood pasta and lasagna, cheesy beef quesadilla, blueberry waffle, and classic coffee and tea beverages. 

I hope they expand their menu though and serve grilled salmon, eggs, guacamole and salads with arugula. But the current menu now is outstanding for its taste and serving size versus the price.  

The best feature of this café is the well-thought customer experience that can be carried through: wallet-friendly and tasty food and drinks, thoughtful interiors and music, quick service, generous parking space, workspace or function room with fast internet, and staff that exudes joy of work and passion for the coffee business. Nikko and his team did a great job putting up the entire concept. 

Visit CCL Café 

When you visit the café at 910 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City, maintain social distancing. The café is open Mondays to Sundays from 7AM till 9PM.  

For full menu, delivery, and reservations, check out their website www.cclcafe.com or email them at hellocclcafe@gmail.com. You can also follow them on social media channels for real-time updates/promos: @CCLcafe