To combat against COVID19 pandemic, the provincial Government of Bataan has launched the Get-Pass App since October last year. The app is designed mainly for effective contact tracing, but it has other features tourists/ savvy online shoppers can use for faster digital transactions.

Made it to Las Casas! Thanks GETPASS!
I made it to Las Casas! Thanks to GET PASS APP!!!!!!

Before you travel to Bataan, you need to install the Get-Pass app and generate a QR Code. The app is available for both Android and iOS users and of course for non-smartphone users.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can download and use the app.

How to download and use the Get-Pass app:

Follow these steps to download and use the Get-Pass app.

Step 1: First of all, you have to install the Get-Pass app. Go to your app store and download GET-PASS.

Look at the icon on the photo below:

Get Pass app in your home screen
Get Pass App logo
Get Pass App for Bataan travel
Get Pass App homescreen

Step 2: After downloading the Get-Pass app on your device, select the ‘open’.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Register Now’ option.

Step 4: In this step, the Get-Pass app will ask for permission from you.

To proceed further, after reading all terms and conditions, you have to click on the ‘I Agree’ button.

Step 5: Then, you have to enter your email address.

Step 6: A link will be sent to your email for verification.

Step 7: Check your email and click the verification link.

You should be sent to a page that says you are verified. If you are not redirected to the app, log in to the app again using your username/ email/ Facebook/ whichever you used to register.

Step 8: Now, you can find the personal data tab.

You have to fill out the details.

Step 9: Next, you’ll need to upload 4 images as proof of identity.

These are: (1) front side of a valid government ID; (2) bak side of a valid government ID; (3) your selfie (4) proof of address (can be the side of your id that has your address – in my photo I used my postal code). You can use your driver’s license or UMID ID too. But remember, every time to upload, make sure you choose the correct type of ID because if not, you will have a problem generating a QR code.

For example, your photo is SSS but you clicked UMID ID under the type of ID. This will be rejected (will discuss further below what will happen)

Once you are done here, click the confirm button.

Step 10: Tap the pin icon on the upper righthand corner of the app.

Then tap travel authorization. You should see the Health Declaration (on next photo). Fill it out.

Step 11: Once you’re done, tap submit.

You should get your QR CODE!

If the page is just blank, it means you had mismatched info when you upload your IDs.

Go back to it and correct your uploads.

If you are a non-smartphone USER, fill this page instead.

Parting Words

That’s it! Print the code or just print screen on your mobile phone. Show this on checkpoint areas upon entry to Bataan. Remember to bring valid IDs (and certificate of employment if your travel is official, or travel itinerary/ booking confirmation if you are visiting for leisure)! Follow health and safety protocols while traveling too!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions! HAPPY AND SAFE TRAVELS!