Wearing a white travel concept shirt by Byaheros Hub at Saltitude Diving and Beach Resort in Anilao, Batangas

One of the clothing items I cannot leave home without is a T-shirt. When I pack for my travels, I always bring a shirt or two for that busy day I’d need versatility and comfort. But even if the main purpose is to be comfortable, I see to it that the shirt itself sparks joy. 

To me, a shirt sparks joy when I feel connected to it. Most cases, the shirt would have prints I can connect or identify with. It can also be expressing something that I want to say or support.

Having that said, I like the ones from a local clothing brand called Byaheros Hub. Although I have been receiving shirts from my media fam trips (training clothes from ONE Championship would always be a favourite and a different story), I  have been using these cool concept shirts from Byaheros Hub on my travels. And below are 5 reasons why.

Wearing a blue travel concept shirt by Byaheros Hub at Atmosphere Resorts in Dauin 

Why I like Byahero’s Hub travel statement shirts:

1. The shirt fabric is comfortable and good quality for its price

Byaheros Hub shirts are comfortable. They aren’t lightweight nor thin which I think is good so as to not easily wear off or tear when used for/ with extreme conditions. I remember some lightweight shirts I had before, they had holes in the armpit or on the side stitches soon after laundered. Byaheros hub shirts are well made.

2. The statement on the shirt is interesting

I like wearing what reflects me. After all, fashion is self-expression. So even with shirts, I really care about what’s written on it. If you are a traveller you can relate to Byaheros Hub’s statements because they are, WELL, about travels.

The travel statements are interesting, they can even open up a conversation. I remember when I wore a shirt with the map of the Philippines with Project 81 on it, a tourist noticed and asked about it. We ended up talking about the provinces in the Philippines.

Aside from the map of the Philippines graphic, there are more than 20 designs you can choose from Byaheros Hub. My favourite so far is Project 81. I feel like if you have a goal to explore all the provinces in the Philippines, this shirt can be a motivation (in a sense). Every time you see this shirt (or wear this shirt), you’re reminded of those travellers who have finished Project 81. And you realize, if they could, you absolutely can too!

3. The print is clean and seamless

I used to print shirts a few years ago. I know it takes good equipment and skill to yield the best print. I can tell the shirts I got from Byaheros Hub are well-made.

4. It is easy to shop

You can just go to their Facebook Page and choose a shirt that you want to order. Send the details over the messenger and pay for your order. That easy!

5. It is locally made

The shirt is made in the Philippines and also printed here in the Philippines. The owner of this business is Filipino.

How to order shirts from Byaheros Hub

To order, you just need to send them a direct message on Instagram or facebook. Indicate the following details:



ORDERS (Qty, Item code, Color, Size) 

Your order will be delivered to you through a local courier once payment has been made.

When you buy cool travel shirts from Byaheros Hub, you can actually collect some points that you can exchange for free Byaheros Hub premium items. The cost of the shirts is about Php280 – Php300.

Parting Words

If you want unique, cool, comfortable travel concept shirts for your travels, check out Byaheros Hub. There are many designs to choose from. Wear it for yourself or purchase as gift or souvenir for/ from your travels, you’d be happy about the print, price and quality!

What do you think about these shirts? Do you want any of these on your travels? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!