5 Reasons To Travel To Melbourne


Voted as the ‘most liveable city in the world’, Melbourne attracts many people wanting to settle down. But what is it like to visit as a tourist? 

Whilst it may not have the landmarks that Sydney has, Melbourne makes up for this with it’s laid back charm and rich cultural scene.

Here are just some of the biggest reasons to visit Melbourne.

Buzzing nightlife

Melbourne has no shortage of bars. There are places to drink for all occasions from the glitzy cocktail bars of Southbank to the trendy ale bars of Fitzroy to the all night clubs of Chapel Street. Whether you’re looking to party until sunrise or sit back and relax with a few drinks, Melbourne is certain to cater to your tastes. Don’t forget to also look out for one of the city’s many ‘secret bars’ – these are bars that the locals have tried to keep a secret and tend to be hidden down lanes.

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne, Australia

Fantastic food

There are also lots of exciting places to eat in Melbourne. It’s the culinary capital of Australia and has attracted restaurateurs from around the world leading to a mix of cosmopolitan flavours. You can grab breakfast in a French-style café, try some sushi for lunch and then dine at an Italian restaurant in the evening if you fancy. Melbourne is also renowned for its coffee and is the place to go to try an authentic flat white.

Brunch is the stunning Bentwood in Fitzroy in Melbourne

Vibrant shopping

Another great reason to visit Melbourne is its shopping opportunities. On top of all the high-class fashion brand stores, you’ll also find many independent vintage store for going clothes shopping. The hustle-bustle of Victoria Market is also worth experiencing – here you’ll find lots of fresh foods for sale in a historic setting.

Stunning street art

Melbourne’s laneways are well worth a visit – on top of quirky cafes and tapas bars, you’ll also see some stunning street art. Hosier Lane and ACDC Lane are some of the most vibrant spots and attract some pretty wild and eccentric street performers. It’s the perfect place for those craving something a little offbeat.

1000 steps memorial walk in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia 

Natural beauty

This city also boasts some impressive natural wonders on its doorstep. The Dandenong Ranges are only an hour from Melbourne’s CBD – here you can explore the lush rainforest and see incredible waterfalls. The Great Ocean Road is also worth taking a drive down – on top of taking in the magnificent views of the sea, you can explore the pristine beaches and visit several of the historic fishing towns. On top of this, you can also explore the sprawling vineyards of the Yarra Valley where some of Australia’s best wine is produced.

Have you ever been to Melbourne? Do you want to go? let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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