Dinner at Villa de Oro – Boracay


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Villa de Oro in Spanish literally translates to “Village of Gold”. It’s a famous retreat lodge classified as Class AA Boracay resort by the Department of Tourism authority. We happened to come across their restaurant because it’s situated next to our hotel. Also, I believe the restaurant’s Spanish ambiance captivated us all the more…

Below are the snap shots of Villa de Oro’s interior:

the furniture in this resto are impressive
more wooden  interiors
they serve Mongolian buffet here

Villa de Oro restaurant serves savory barbecue, sea foods and Filipino dishes. Juice, shakes, beer and cocktails are also available… The price is very affordable. Food here are cheaper than that of Calypso Lounge. Although I must say, the service was a bit off… staff seemed unhappy waiting our tables… I don’t know if they’re tired or shy or what… also the preparation of the food took a long time… they should have offered us drinking water to compensate for the inconvenience… anyhow… it’s tolerable…

What we ordered:

Buffalo Wings – Php 130

Crispy Fried Chicken Wings – Php 130

Salt & Pepper Squid – Php 155

Shrimp Kilawin – Php 155

Half Fried Chicken – Php 135

Plain Rice – Php 25

Barbecue – Php 120

Vegetable Salad – Php175 

Grilled Blue Marlin with Rice – Php 120

Drunken Shrimp – Php 175

San Mig Light (1 bucket) – Php 330

Watermelon Shake – Php 70

Mango Shake (3) – Php 210

Pineapple Juice – Php 65

Coke (2 12 oz) – Php 80

Woo-woo cocktail – Php 165

San Mig Light (3) – Php 65

TOTAL: Php 2405

what we call barbecue
spicy squid here
beer bucket for reiko and mr president
other diners
Yuna and Toshiya busy with the smartphone

What I liked most about this restaurant is their Karaoke stage!

So they have this so called “happy hours” where any customer can freely sing on their Karaoke… This starts from 10 pm ’til midnight  but since we requested, our “happiness” started earlier at around 8 PM!

yeyeyeyey KARAOKE
OUR AUDIENCE.. HAHA they aren’t listening :p

Photos here were taken mostly by Darleng, me and my friends using Darleng’s camera

What do you think about this restaurant? Ever been here? Let us know your thoughts! Leave us a comment below!


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