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On our second day at Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort, I woke up at 7. It was early considering I slept past 2 the night before because of the RockToBeerF3st (which was fun!). This day was the scheduled team-building with fellow bloggers so I couldn’t be more thankful to not have any hangover. 

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort is known to be a great venue for team building. Schools and corporate groups regularly book this resort for an annual bonding activity. It is understandable, considering the resort’s facilities to be conducive to active group getaways. So when we were told we will be staying here, I kinda anticipated there will be a team-building for our group as well. I was correct. 

It was around 10 AM when we started the set of activities. It began with an indoor briefing followed by introductions with a twist. We partnered with another fellow blogger and introduced our partner based on the 5 minutes given time to get to know him or her. I was team yellow and my partner is Rozelle, a highschool student at the Batangas State Performing Arts. She is part of the Barako PH.

After the groups finished, we had the “colour goal”. We were given a cartolina to draw our goals. We were instructed to be creative. It was up to us how we would present our individual/ personal goals.

When we finished, I realized our blogging goals are different but all the same. We all want to add value to what we currently do – – influence a community of people to join/ support our blogging cause.

The third indoor activity was tower making. It was fun. We were given 15 minutes to create a tower using the materials: BBQ sticks, thread, newspaper, and plastic straws. The catch is, we need to trade something in our body to get these materials.

This is a test on how dedicated we are to contribute and participate. Symbolically, it shows how committed we are in achieving our goals. And in this case, the building of the tower. We started brainstorming while motioning how to do the tower foundation. Finally, we all agreed on how to do it.

After we finished, the towers were presented in front and the facilitator talked about how this symbolized the team building. Towers are supposed to be planned. Based on your plan, you execute and you put proper action. It is important that you communicate well what to do so everybody will participate and eventually achieve the goal.

After the tower making, we had the “bakya ni nene” challenge where we all had a long wooden plank to step on as we race to the finish line.

While attempting to step in sync, we stumbled many times. For a little while, we were behind, but finally, we won! The takeaway – with teamwork, nothing is impossible.

The next activity is the pipe race which I found very fun.

We were given half pipes to strategically let the balls pass through. The idea is to let the ball continuously roll until it reaches the pail. We had 3 plastic table tennis balls and three marble stones to “transport” into the pail. If we drop the balls along the way, we needed to do it all over again.

Again, teamwork is necessary. Also, keeping one’s calm. In this game, we once again won!

The last challenge was in the pool. We lined holding each other’s hand and the goal is to let the hoola hoop pass through our body till it gets to the last person who will swim to the other end of the pool to get the pail. Then after he/ she comes back, we needed to fill the pail with water. It’s up to us how we would do it – by hands or by our clothes…

At first, we individually ran to the pool to scoop water using our shirts, then we realized to just take off the shirts and throw it to another person in the pool and dip the shirt into the water then throw it back to us so we could wring it into the pail. We succeeded! We filled more water into the pail, and again, won the game!

Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort is the ideal venue for Corporate Team Building

Outdoor team building activities are a great way to foster cooperation, camaraderie, and friendships. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt hike or creative storytelling around a campfire, the Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort is the perfect place to spend a day outdoors with your team.

The lush property is an ideal team building venue that offers plenty of amenities, space to meet for training and be close enough to activities that foster team spirit while letting your staff blow off some steam in a fun and exciting way.

Parting Words

Are you busy planning your next corporate retreat and looking for the perfect team building venue? What is it that you’re looking for? Look back at the activites above, note the outcomes that you feel are most relevant to your organization and contact Sorosoro Springs Mountain Resort to discuss how they can transform your group into a more productive team.

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