There are different ways to monetize your blog. In this post, I will address the most recent question I got from a few blogger friends: “How much can you earn from blogging through sponsored posts?” I will also discuss some related blogger services you can get paid from. 

The rate per blog/ social media post varies greatly depending on different factors. You can find Philippine-based bloggers in the Php1000 to Php10,000 range for one article post. A lot of this depends on (1) a blogger’s hourly rate (2) the blog site’s statistics, and (3) the brand’s proposed budget.

Let’s discuss these factors further:

(1) How much is your hourly rate?

If you are an educated writer, you can base your hourly rate on the current writer’s market rates that is Php1500-Php3000 per hour. You can also use your previous/current job’s hourly rate as a guideline to come up with the amount you want to charge. If you have a professional background in digital marketing or social media marketing, you can again, take this into consideration.

While it’s true you can charge any amount you want, always make sure you do it fair both for you and your client/ brand you work with. Charge what you’re truly worth.

(2) How much value do you give to the brand? 

This also means how much coverage does a brand get from posting on your blog, and it highly depends on your blog site’s key performance indicators.

What is your blog’s overall visit? How many unique visitors does it have per month? How much interaction does your post get on your social media accounts? What are your blog domain authority and page authority? Do you optimize your blog post for SEO?

(3) How much is the brand willing to pay? 

Because there is no set price for any blogging service, the amount you earn may be affected by the budget of your client. In most cases, you’d have to negotiate. But always remember: it’s all about what you’re bringing to the table and also, just because the brand is willing to pay you Php250 per post doesn’t mean you have to take it!

So how much should you charge for Sponsored Blog posts?

If you have an established readership and your blog has the ability to rank on Google search engine (know about website page authority, domain authority, and organic keywords here), you can definitely charge a decent amount per sponsored post.

Remember I mentioned earlier about your hourly rate. AFTER SETTING YOUR HOURLY RATE, know how many hours you actually spend creating the post. You can take into consideration how much time you need to style and photograph, to create/edit videos/ photos and write the blog post itself. AND THEN CALCULATE:

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    • Calculate your sponsored post rate: 
      • The number of hours you spend creating/writing the post multiplied by your hourly rate (ex. Php1500) + the number of hours you spend for styling/ photography/ content planning multiplied by your specialist hourly rate (ex. Php1000) = This equals to the bare minimum you should be charging.

        e.g. 2 x Php1500 + 1 x Php1000 = Php4000 (MINIMUM Sponsored post cost)

Other ways to earn from blogging (aside from ads) are the following:

Guest posts

Clients would sometimes come to you and tell you they want to add value to your site by posting an article. You can charge them at least Php5000 if you have Blog DA/PA of >30. The rate also covers providing a maximum of two backlinks for them. 

If your DA/PA is lower, but you’re positive you can drive traffic back to your client’s site and deliver sales/ profit, then don’t be afraid to charge what’s your worth.

Blogger fee from participating in an event

As a blogger, you can be invited to participate in some events to blog about the event, judge a competition, or be a blogger guide/ tour guide.

In such a case, you can charge them with your professional fee. Again, this depends on YOUR hourly rate. In my case, I charge at least Php2,500 per day depending on the tasks I’d need to do for the event/ organizer.

Some events pay at least Php1000 for your attendance plus tokens in the form of products or gift certificates. You’d need to write a post-event article for this. Again, it is up to you to accept the invitation.

Press release posting

Brands pay Php300 – Php2000 per posting of their press release. Again, this depends on your blog statistics. The higher the domain authority your website has, the higher the amount you can charge.

Instagram/ Facebook posts

I know brands who pay Php2.00 per like on Instagram for influencers who have at least 5K followers. So you should charge them depending on how many likes you have for a certain post. But sometimes, the brand would tell you they only have a budget and can pay depending on the number of followers you have. On average brands pay Php2,500 for one post or carousel post cross-posted on Facebook. Some brands pay Php5,000 per campaign even if your followers are just 10,000. It’s up to you to take it.


Parting Words

No one can really dictate how much you should charge for your blog post/ blogger service. It’s completely up to you. But make sure both parties mutually benefit and that what you’re charging is right for a service you provide. Remember to always charge what you are worth!

What do you think of this article? Did you find it useful? I’d love to hear about your thoughts on blogger rates and services too! I know I haven’t covered everything! Will try to update this every time! I’d also appreciate if you share this to people you know this post may be useful to! Thanks!