Scrolling through my social media feed on any given day can be an emotional roller coaster. There’s laughter, there’s news, there’s the occasional pang of mild anxiety – and then there’s that unexpected jolt of motivation. It comes from the unlikeliest of sources: the simple workout videos posted by friends and acquaintances.

I’ve felt it firsthand – the hesitation to share something personal, especially when it relates to a journey that you’re just embarking upon. “Am I doing it right?”, “Will people laugh?”, “Do I look silly?” – I can almost hear these questions ringing in the minds of those sharing their first or hundredth workout video. And then there are the fitness enthusiasts whose feeds are teeming with their passion. While some might roll their eyes, thinking, “Not another workout video,” I find myself silently cheering them on.

To anyone doubting the value of their shares: every post you make, whether you realize it or not, impacts someone. Sometimes it’s in subtle, unseen ways. For instance, there were times when I felt the pull of laziness, ready to skip my exercise for the day. But then, a friend’s workout video would pop up on my feed, and suddenly, I’d feel this quiet surge of inspiration. It’s a ripple effect. Your seemingly small act of sharing nudges someone else into action.

However, as with all things, there’s a flip side. While your posts can inspire and motivate, they can also, perhaps unintentionally, have a negative impact. The online space is vast, and what might be a source of joy and encouragement for one might be a trigger for another. It’s a gentle reminder to us all that our actions, big or small, online or offline, always leave an imprint.

That said, I wholeheartedly believe in celebrating the positive ripples we can create. To my friends on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms: even when you think what you do doesn’t matter, remember, it does. To everyone else reading this, the next time you come across someone’s personal journey, be it fitness or otherwise, take a moment. Acknowledge their bravery and if you can, offer a word of encouragement.

In a world where every click, comment, and share has a far-reaching effect, let’s consciously choose to create the right impact. Let’s be the wind beneath someone’s wings, not the weight that pulls them down. In our vast interconnected world, sometimes the tiniest acts make the most profound differences. And today, I’m grateful for those quiet sources of motivation in my feed. Keep sharing, keep shining, and always remember: you matter.