Here’s where to order food takeaway and delivery in Angono right now


Food establishments in Angono are still adapting as the town’s dining scene remains barred through at least the end of May under the government’s coronavirus task force announced enhanced community quarantine extension. Some restaurants that suspended operations, like Music Wizard Coffee & Tea Shop, have recently reopened for takeaway or delivery. 

Still a handful of diners and cafes are modifying their takeout menu as the pandemic spins out. And, of course, we can finally get milk teas and ice blended drinks to go, so some folks might wonder where to order drinks selection first. 

So here’s a list we’re updating regularly with our recommendations, from the town’s hottest craft burgers to its most comforting food favourites. Scroll down till the end to not miss past entries—this list isn’t all-inclusive, but you can always check directly with your favorite restaurant to see if it’s available for pick-up or delivery.


Music Wizard Coffee & Tea Shop

At Music Wizard Coffee & Tea Shop, the lockdown menu is available for pickup, or delivery with a Php30 fee Tuesdays to Sundays at 2PM-7PM. You can simply order through their Facebook Page, Instagram, or through their contact numbers. I highly recommend you follow their socials for exciting offers like BUY1 TAKE 1 promos on Milkshakes and other refreshing drinks. 


Braised Beethoven Php 115.00 

Grilled Amadeus Php 115.00 

Porkzart Sebastian Bach Ribs Php 115.00  

Sweet Garlic Chickensohnn Php 115.00  


Baked Mac & Cheese Php 95.00 

Beefy Lasagna Php 125.00 

Cheesy Baked Ziti Php 125.00 

Creamy Carbonara Php 105.00 

Spaghetti Bolognese Php 105.00 

Tuna Pesto Pasta Php 105.00 


French Toast Php 75.00 

Stuffed Bread Sticks Php 75.00 

Chicken Sandwich Php 95.00

Ham & Cheese Sandwich  Php 95.00

Bacon & Cheese Sandwich Php 95.00 

Classic Club House  Php 115.00

MWCT Burger Php 125.00 


Maple & Butter Pancake Php 75.00 

Chocolate Pancake Php 85.00 

Nutella Pancake Php 85.00 

Blueberry Pancake Php 85.00 

Strawberry Pancake Php 85.00 


Beefy Nachos Php 125.00 

Cheesy Nachos Php 135.00 

French Fries Php 75.00 

Mojos Php 95.00 

You can also order your favourite treats for lunch and dinner from Music Wizard Coffee & Tea Shop—from pasta to ice blended drinks! They also have killer desserts like this chocolate cake! Have this all delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks! Advance order starts at 12NN and with cut-off at 6:30PM.

You can pay them through: Payment method: COD, Bank Transfer, GCASH Delivery fee: Php30 

Music Wizard Coffee & Tea Shop is located at 📍 Manila East Road corner Col Guido St Brgy. San Roque, Angono-Binangonan Boundary, Rizal (across 7/11 and Honda Motors highway).

Sweet Honey Tooth

Banana cake, Ube cheese pandesal, Chocodesal, Red velvet pandesal, Cheeseroll and Crinkles are ready for you at Sweet Honey Tooth, which does online ordering for pickup or free in-house delivery within the town. In addition to its mouthwatering bread selections, it also offers personalized cakes inspired by your own design preference. 

Contact details them at 09152986898.

Atelier Restoran

Atelier Restoran offers its “lockdown” grab-and-go dishes from 11AM to 6PM Tuesdays to Sundays. 

Pancit Canton (Platter Php150, Small Tray – Php445, Medium – Php585, Large – Php700), Pancit Bihon (Platter Php140, Small tray – Php385, Medium – Php520, Large – Php610), Mixed Pancit (Platter Php170, Small tray – Php475, Medium – Php610, Large – Php730), Crispy Pata (Php500), Fried Chicken (Half – Php180, Whole – Php300), Bulalo (Php375), Pork Sinigang (Php325), Kare-Kare (Pork- Php355, Beef – Php385), Lechon Kawali (Php265), Pork sisig (Php255)—are available for pre-order (must place your order at least a day). 

Silog favourites are prepared daily: Tapsilog (Php105), Lechonsilog (Php105), Chixsilog (Php95), Bangsilog (Php95), Sisig rice (Php120).  

Order over the phone: 8727-9989 (landline), 09265204026 or send them a private message on their Facebook Page. Pay cash upon delivery.

Deliveries will be available on selected areas in Angono only with Php30 fee for the first kilometer.

Super Parés

Pick up your craved Beef Parés, Siopao, Asado, Wanton, Chinese Kikiam, Siomai and other dimsum choices at Super Parés located in front of Angono Medics Hospital, next to Wing Bites. They’re open from 8AM-7PM daily.  Contact them at 09457038945 or message them on Facebook to arrange a delivery.

If you need to Waze, their shop address is 191 ML Quezon Road Brgy. San Isidro Angono, Rizal.

Tapsi Ni Sophie and Lia’s Snack House

Tapsi Ni Sophie’s best seller (and one of the town’s all-time favorite rice meal) Budbud will definitely set your mood—available for takeout and limited dining option daily from 6AM to 7PM. Located beside Fuentes Trading and 7/11/Alfamart near Angono Municipal Hall. For more information, check out their Facebook Page contact them at +639564195634.

Pansit Ni Bongbong

Pansit Ni Bongbong’s flavorful Pancit (Php150) which is good for 2-3 persons is now available for pickup or delivery daily from 10AM to 6PM. Pair this with mouthwatering cassava delights (my personal favorite)—Cassava Cake (box of 16pcs – Php200, tray Php130). 

Delivery charge within Angono is Php30. If you are ordering from nearby towns, you have to avail at least 2 orders. Contact them at 09983045283 or message them on Facebook

Meowchie Special Fried Chicken

Meowchie Special Fried Chicken by Cheryl Calleja is available for delivery. Contact them at 09215369875 for bulk orders.

Itok’s Lechon 

On the weekends, Itok’s Lechon keeps things festive with Crispy Pata offerings on Saturdays and on Sundays, Lechon and Lechon Paksiw. Located at 60 ML Quezon Avenue Poblacion Itaas Angono, Rizal (in front of Pandayan Bookshop), Itok’s Lechon also serves BBQ (Php20), Dinuguan (Php30), Embutido (Php100) and Crispy Pata (Php350/kilo) for takeaway. 

For more information about their Lechon (which may vary slightly every week), visit their Facebook Page.

Milk & Brew Bubble Tea Corner

Mr. Chardy Ang’s Milk & Brew Bubble Tea Corner is dishing up a temporary menu that includes the favored tea house’s bestseller drinks: premium milktea (Php90), brown sugar series (Php100), lemonade (Php75); snacks: nachos (Php80), buffalo fries (Php75), smoked sausage platter (Php175).  Check their Fb page or message them at 0945 750 9118 for logistics.

Mavee & Hayley’s

Mavee & Haley’s is up and running again, which means you can order online, pick up or have their coziest comfort food and beverage delivered to your doorsteps. Follow their Facebook page for limited-time offers such as: Buy 1 Take 1 Tati’s wings (Php189), Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza Pockets (Php155), Buy 1 Take 1 Overload Fries (Php149), Buy 1 Pizza Pockets Take 1 Overload Fries (Php149). You may also contact them directly at 0956 153 0966. Open from 9AM to 6PM daily.

Cj’s Pizza And Burger

CJ’s Pizza & Burger has joined in the Buy 1 Take 1 game with pickup and delivery around Angono for Php20-40 fee. For advance order, you may call and text them on: 09159570596/09386226150. They are located at E Dela Paz St., Brgy. San Pedro Angono, Rizal.

Lockdown menu:


Burger buy1take1 – Php26

Burger solo – Php15

Cheese burger buy1take1 – Php36

Cheese burger solo – Php20

Egg Sandwich – Php15

Ham sandwich – Php15

Footlong – Php26

Cj’s Cheezy tacos – Php26

Cj’s cheezy overload Nachos – Php55


(11inches with 9slices)

Cheese – Php70

Hawaiian – Php85

Ham and cheese – Php85

Pepperoni – Php85

Bacon and ham – Php90

The works – Php95

All meat – Php95

Shawarma – Php95

Beef – Php95

Nuts For A Cause

Order healthy snack options per kilo or per pack with Nuts For A Cause available for delivery or pickup.

Per Kilo:

Raw Cashew (whole kernel) –  Php750

Raw Cashew – Php550

Roasted Cashew – Php600

Adobo-flavoured Cashew – Php650

Sunflower Seeds – Php250

Squash Seeds – Php230

Per Pack:

Butong Pakwan (1kg) – Php250

Beer Nuts – 1kg (spicy, garlic) – Php180

Sampaloc – 1kg (sweet, spicy) – Php130

Patani (pop beans) – 900g – Php190

Cornik (700g) – Php170

Chichacorn (500g) – Php150

Spicy Pusit (200g) – Php120

Spicy Dilis (200g) – Php110

Flavoured Corn Pop – 60g (sweet, cheese, bbq) – Php90

For kids:

Gummy worm (2.5kg) – Php380

Gummy banana (2.5kg) – Php380

Jelly beans (2.5kg) – Php380

Gummy caterpillar (2.5kg) – Php380

Payment method: BDO, BPI, PayMaya, GCash, COD

You can order here: 09659944964/ 09176207976

Keyk by Dorie

Order customized cakes for all occasions with Keyk by Dorie. They also bake customized cupcake with free delivery. Contact them at 09457942633.

Shake Eat Eatery

For accurate menu availability, follow Shake Eat Eatery’s Fb Page or message them directly at 09353703580/ 09367634120—because their dishes sell out like hot cakes! The reason is the apparent affordability, flavor, and excellent customer service. No wonder they’ve been on business since the ’80s!

Lockdown menu:


Lugaw Plain – Php15

Lugaw w/ Tokwa – Php23

Lugaw w/ Togue – Php25

Lugaw w/ Paa – Php22

Lugaw w/ Egg – Php25

Lugaw w/ Atay Balunan – Php40

Lugaw w/ Laman Ng Manok – Php50

Miswa Plain – Php15

Miswa w/ Egg – Php25

Miswa w/ Tokwa – Php23

Miswa w/ Togue – Php25

Miswa w/ Paa – Php22

Miswa w/ Laman Ng Manok – Php50

Spaghetti Reg. – Php15

Spaghetti w/ Egg – Php25

Spaghetti Spec. – Php40

Carbonara Reg. – Php15

Carbonara w/ Egg – Php25

Carbonara Spec. – Php50

Malabon Reg. – Php15

Malabon w/ Egg – Php25

Malabon Spec. – Php40

Bihon/Canton Reg. – Php15

Bihon/Canton w/ Egg – Php25

Bihon/Canton w/ Tokwa – Php23

Bihon/Canton w/ Togue – Php25


Sopas Plain – Php15

Sopas w/ Egg – Php25

Sopas w/ Tokwa – Php23

Sopas w/ Togue – Php25

Sopas w/ Laman Ng Manok – Php50

Ginatang Monggo – Php20

Ginatang Mais – Php20

Ginatang Bilo-Bilo – Php20

Champorado – Php15


Kumanoy/Bibingka Per Slice – Php10

Kumanoy / Bibingka Per Tub – Php50

SM Center Angono Food Shops

Gong Cha

Mang Inasal


Max’s Restaurant

Have you heard about other Angono restaurants offering especially exciting takeout or delivery right now? Let us know in the comments below or send us a direct message! If you find this article helpful, do share! Many thanks!

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