Embracing the Unfiltered Journey of Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic


Just a year ago, Doc Scott and I embarked on a bold venture, moving to Cebu City to establish our dream—Form and Function Corrective Chiropractic. And what a rollercoaster it has been! This World Photography Day, as I thumb through the photographs of our clinic’s early days, nostalgia and renewed dedication wash over me.

The pictures might seem bare—strikingly industrial in their nature—but they hold a profound narrative. They aren’t merely snapshots of bare walls and vacant spaces; they are frozen moments of hope, aspiration, and relentless effort. They are tangible proof of our undying commitment—a space that was transformed not just with tools, but with our sweat, dedication, and unwavering vision.

Our clinic when we initially opened

To many, it’s about the end product. But to me, and I’m sure Doc Scott would echo this sentiment, it’s about the journey. From DAY 1, we were fueled by a spirit, a drive that saw potential in every challenge, lessons in every misstep. That commitment, that fervor to give everything we had, is what molded our dream into reality.

Remembering the time we finished installing our DIY Traction devices

This journey in Cebu City has been an embodiment of life’s true nature. We’ve been blessed to cross paths with incredible individuals who’ve enriched our journey, and yes, there were a few unreliable ones that taught us valuable lessons. Through the highs and the lows, the successes and the challenges, one thing stood firm: our resolve to never give up, no matter the hurdle.

Our clinic today

So, this World Photography Day, while the world revels in pristine landscapes and picture-perfect portraits, let’s also pay homage to the unfiltered, authentic journeys that speak volumes of growth, perseverance, and cherished memories.

Happy #WorldPhotographyDay to all! Here’s to embracing every chapter, every challenge, and every joyous moment of our story.

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