The ongoing geopolitical crisis in Europe has affected fuel supply on a global scale. Prices of petrol are uncontrollably rising which could trigger a recession any time soon. With the unpredictable petrol prices in the market, commuters are finding alternative ways to travel to avoid high fuel prices.

Consumers are becoming wiser when it comes to spending their hard-earned money. Classic strategies are in place to save money on fuel which include inflating tires to correct gauges, avoiding traffic to using credit cards that give more gas rewards.

If you worry about the rising gas prices there are alternative ways to travel:

Fine tune your driving habits

  • Limit car usage. One of the obvious ways in reducing expenses for gas is to drive less. Of course, you cannot entirely avoid using your car so you to drive strategically by planning ahead errands and combining them in one go. This is supported by a report from that confirms short trips initiated from a cold start consume double the fuel as compared to just one trip for various errands while the engine is still warm.
  • When driving, drive with caution avoid aggressive driving, and easy on acceleration, braking and speeding. Being aggressive on the road will lower gas mileage by as much as 10 to 40 percent.

Consider carpooling and using public transportation

  • Public transportation is accessible in every area – buses, trains and even boats. You should temporarily take advantage of it. It costs much less than driving your own car.
  • Start considering carpooling with family or friends for work, doing errands or to evens. Carpooling could be a fun way of bonding with friends or family while saving on gas.
  • For short-distance travels, you can opt to use electric vehicles instead of a car or a motorcycle. E-bikes nowadays can travel as far as 40 kilometers before their batteries get discharged. Another pro of using e-vehicles over motorcycles is that they can carry more loads because it has bigger space for baggage.

Be physically active

  • Walking is still the best form of exercise and if you can walk your way to an errand do so. Another alternative to driving is biking. Biking helps you get in shape, and burn some calories too with every pedal.

The rising fuel prices have affected us in a lot of ways, especially our planned travels and vacations. Lucky for those who have booked their tickets long before this crisis happens. But for those who still love to travel and see the world but on a limited budget, you may opt to travel locally for now. The countryside is beautiful and we still have a lot to discover in our own town, city, or country – new food, new restaurants, local and start-up businesses, new services, and more. Don’t let this crisis prevent your desire and passion for travel. A true-blooded wanderer and globe-trotter will always find a way to travel for less and see what the world has in store for him or her every day.