Before this month ends, I wanna give a shoutout to BlogMeter for featuring my blog this December and for recognizing it as among the top blogs in the Philippines by worth.

I also want to thank my readers and followers for the continuous support. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in my blog from day one – it means so much more than you know! 

What is Blogmeter?

Blogmeter or BlogmeterTop is a web analytics service that offers to track and report website traffic for all blog sites in the Philippines (PH).

It tracks the user’s activity on the site such as page visits and statistics. 

BlogmeterTop’s approach is to show the dashboard-type data (as a more in-depth data) report for the casual PH blog site owner. It launches real-time analytics, enabling a user to have insights about visits and visitors who are currently on the site.

If you are a PH blogger, I recommend you register in the site, via this link. The site is free and only requires the blog site and email for verification.

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Published by Erica Poyauan

Erica is a former PR pro turned entrepreneur. Her greatest joys are family, blogging, music, skin care and social justice. As a Muay Thai enthusiast, Erica prides herself on working with increased focus, humility and diligence. She believes in living a fit life doing everything with a flair of creativity and love! Stalk her social channels @thegirlwiththemujihat

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