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A lot of food parks are popping out in and outside Metro Manila with different food concepts and food choices. This just shows people’s undying love for food and Filipinos’ endless creativity! In Taytay, Rizal, The kEATchen is the first food park to open to cater to all types of food cravings. The cooking starts at 4pm it says! But what is cooking? What food should you try when you come here? It is our goal to find out!

It was a few days before my birthday when I got the invitation to review this food park. The owner asked when I was available, but since the rest of the days were booked, I only had Tuesday as a free day because well, it’s my birthday! Apparently, The kEATchen FOOD PARK needs to have a proper review as it had just opened a few months back. So I immediately asked my blogger friend to accompany me, Maria Rona Beltran of Travels with Maria as she is an expert when it comes to food tasting and photographing food. So off we went!

Before our food park experience, we also had the chance to try out NUYU SPA. Check out our Nuyu Spa experience here.

The food, the food stalls, and the food park people

The kEATchen food park is divided into four sections (as per my observation). I included the left and right balconies. But in actuality, it’s just the first floor where live bands perform, and the second floor with more food shops and dining area.

As you may see in the photos, the inside of the food park is quite nice. The ambiance is as happy as its staff. The place is spacious and seems ready for a large crowd. I was expecting a bit of chaos actually because I know food parks can be jam-packed and that people could walk in all directions. Luckily, this place is far from stressful. I can say that it remains a cozy ambiance even when people swarm here.

I have mentioned that live bands perform in this food park. You can check The kEATchen Food Park Facebook Page for updates on which artists are invited to perform. I know they have a surprise in store for you these coming days so better like their official page.

First floor space: you can see Boybabs PH, Ichinori, Stics, and Greek Freak on the background.

The upper deck offers more room for booze!

love these texts on the stair cases


Rosted Boybabs Belly rice meal at PHP 165 

1. Boybabs PH

What to try here? Grilled pork belly and Medi Chicken Rice! Other selections: Pork Barba Rice 120, Lechon Sisig Rice 110, Grilled Boybabs Slab Rice 130, Grilled Beef Patties Rice 130.

You can enjoy Boybabs rice meals starting from PHP 110. The serving is generous. In fact, it is already big for me, I can share one order with a friend.

Speaking of sharing, they have the “BOYBABS KADA MEALS” good for 3-4 people.

Boybabs kada meal 3: Php 399 (Photo from BOYBABS FB PAGE)

They have unlimited rice promo this month too!

Facebook page:

2. Ichi Nori

Ichi Nori offers a selection of Japanese food: Sushi, Maki, Katsudon, GyudonEbi Tempura (shrimp tempura) 5pcs at PHP 180, to name a few.

We tried Chicken Teriyaki rice bowl, Ebi Tempura, and Maki! The verdict: The chicken teriyaki is very tasty. The Maki pieces are not dry. The tempura maintained its crisp even after left standing for some time.

Would definitely go back here for other maki choices and sashimi!

chicken teriyaki and maki

Facebook Page:

3. S’Tics

S’Tics is all about grilled street food that we love – Isaw, Pork bbq, Hotdogs.

What we tried: Pork BBQ with rice at Php 70 and Bacon BBQ with rice at Php 85.

S’Tics grilled meat are good accompaniment for alcoholic drinks. For groups seeking for varied pulutan, try their “Fantas’tics Platter”:

PULUTEN PLATTER (Php299): 10pcs pork bbq, 10 pcs assorted bbq (pork skin, ears, intestine, innards)

SAKTONG PULUTEN PLATTER (Php169): 20 pcs assorted bbq (pork skin, ears, intestine, innards) 

S’Ticks delivers BBQ! 

Facebook Page:

4. Greek Freak

The Greek Freak seems to be the perfect stall for me. Why? Because of SALAD!

Although another favorite would be the Side-Dish Platter (chicken fingers, fish fingers, Greek calamari, Greek fries) at Php 259.

Here we tried the Caesar Salad which saved me for the night. Other salad I recommend you try: GREEK SALAD

Caesar Salad Php 89
Pita Platter. 3 Greek Dips (Hummus, Eggplant Dip, Roasted Potato-Garlic Dip)

and 12 slices of homemade pita bread for 179.00 photo fro, Greek Freak FB Page

The Greek Platter Php 239 (1 Souvlaki, any salad, any side dish with pita bread and tzatziki)

Photo from Greek Freak FB Page 

Greek Freak delivers around the area.

Just call or text 09062051765

Delivery time: 3:30PM to 10PM. 

Minimum purchase of Php200. 

Delivery fee:

Taytay – Php15

Cainta – Php20

Facebook Page:

Nasty Nas from Boombap Burger at Php 149

5. Boombap Burger

I once read that “a good burger is a thing of beauty… you will be judged on your burger choice”. Luckily, all choices in Boombap Burger are beautiful!

Just look at that lovely sight above, cheese melting over the juicy patty and bacon! Or this Boombap 2.0:

Boombap 1.0
Boombap Burger menu (photo from boombap burger fb page)

You should try their new flavors: Immortal โ€œChori Burgerโ€ Technique at Php 149 and Chorizo De Cebu at php 149

Or challenge your group with their ALL NEW Barkada Treat: The JURRASIC 5 Burger

The JURASSIC 5 Burger is a 10-inch burger that will surely satisfy a group of 6-8 people. It has 1.5 POUND of 100% Pure Beef, American Cheese, Maplewood Bacon, Mushroom, Fresh Veggies and Boombap Burger special sauces.

Facebook Page:

6. Slice ‘n’ Pick

Slice ‘N’ Pick serves Italian dishes such as Pizza and Pasta.

We tried the All Meat Pizza and Marinara Pasta. I like the penne pasta is cooked to Al dente. The tasty ingredients include a mix of seafood, tomatoes, and red wine. I have no complaints!

Pizza (Php 170/ P299): Double Cheese, Hawaiian, Peperoni, Marinara, All Meat, Tuna, Vegan, Spam

Pasta (Php130/Php260): Tuna, Carbonara, Marinara, Bolognese, Penne Ala Vodka

Marinara pasta at Php170 and All Meat Pizza at Php 190
Rock and Road (Php 139) and Mangraham (Php 139)

7. Dig Deep Ice Cream

As mentioned earlier, this food park vows to satisfy anyone’s craving, most especially for sweet, cold treats!

If you crave for extraordinary ice cream, check out Gid Deep’s cute and creative selection:

Frieday Fryay – Fried ice cream in different flavors.

Bubble Waffle – Ice cream and waffles

Platerrific – Ice cream platter

Out favorites: their best sellers: MANGRAHAM and ROCK AND ROAD

8. Estoy

If you are looking for Persian food, you can try out ESTOY. The Kebabs here are awesome with authentic Persian flavors.

Chicken Sish Kebab (Php55/stick)

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9. The kEATchen Juice Bar

The juice jars are too cute and and the juice seem unreal to drink!

I had some doubts when I saw the color but when I tasted, I really loved it especially the green (cucumber chill Php 100) and blue (blue lagoon Php 130) juice!

(group Php100) Blue lagoon and house blend iced tea

10. Dem Wings

Buffalo wings 1/2 dozen at Php 180

Another must visit stall is DEM WINGS which serves crispy chicken wings in a variety of flavors and delectable dips!

You can order a dozen of Chicken wings for Php 300, half dozen for Php 180, four pieces for Php140, and a solo meal for Php 100. 

The flavors are:

Garlic Parmesan

Hickory Barbecue

Salted egg


Sesame Oriental


Our top picks: Buffalo and Garlic Parmesan

Facebook Page:

Xiegato Ramen Php155

11. Xiegato

This is Rona’s favorite. Ramen! Enjoy a mouthwatering bowl of Ramen for Php 155! The taste doesn’t disappoint!

We also tried and recommend you try Yakisoba. It is good to share at Php 120. You’ll love the Shitake mushroom in it.

Other food to enjoy at Xiegato: Black RamenGyoza (Php80), Takoyaki (8pcs Php100), Siomai, Cold Noodles, Mee Gamberi Goreng (Php125)

Nachos (Php100/ Php 180)

12. YodiXicano

If you love Mexican favorites such as tacos, nachos, Quesadilla, and other spicy snacks, YodiXicano is the stall for you!

What to order: Cheese Jalapeno Quesadilla (Php 80/ Php 90), Mexican Fries (Php 120/ Php180), Nachos (Php 100/ Php 180), Tacos (Php90).

We tried the Quesadilla and Nachos. I loved the Jalapeno salsa and the crsip of the Nachos. I also liked that it wasn’t salty. The flavor is just right to enjoy all the ingredients in it: Beef, Tomatoes, Onion, Jalapeno, Cheese!

Sizzle Box Stall

13. Sizzle Box

For sizzling favorites and awesome steak, you can opt to order from the Sizzle Box. It has quite the reputation for its meat platter. In fact, long before our review here, I knew some friends who love this stall.

Highly recommended steak from Sizzle Box at The kEATchen Food Park . . . . . . #foodpark #sizzlingplatter #foodie #taytay #thekeatchenfoodpark #travels #followforfollow #followforfollowback #follow4follow #follow4followback #followbackinstantly #permanentfollows #likesforlikes #likeforlike #travelblog #steak #beef #sizzlingbox #thekeatchen #SIZZLEbox

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Now I understand. The steak is cooked to perfection and the gravy is tasty too!

If you feel like loading up, try their meat platter at Php350.

In January, they will serve the melt-in-your-mouth Saikoro steak! Like their Facebooke page for updates!

Facebook Page:

14. Nasi Padang

Craving for some Padang? Or maybe some Singaporean local dishes? Nasi Padang will cater to you!

They serve Curry Rice for Php150, Rojak (Php80), Roti Prata (Php20), Nasi Goreng (Php120), Hainanese Chicken Rice (Php150), Seafood Kway Teow (Php150), Nasi Lemak (Php150), to name a few.

And some group meals for Php 380:

(a) 3 + 1 Nasi Goreng, Mixed fried pork, chicken, and fish, soup

(b) Steam boat, fried fish, plain rice

Group meals from Nasi Padang

Follow The kEATchen Facebook Page for NASI PADANG updates and promotions. 

The Carving Station Premium Sandwich: Slow cooked prime beef in aHoagie bun, lettuce, white onions, teriyaki sauce (Php130)

15. The Carving Station

Enjoy slow cooked prime beef at The Carving Station.

Here we tried the Premium Sandwich with Teriyaki sauce and one of their house specialties. The verdict? I liked the beef! TBT, I don’t usually eat beef because of some bad experience in the past. But this has just given my faith back to tender juicy meat! I can really say the beef here is mouthwatering and excellent for its price!

House Specialty Combo Meal

16. Porking zone

If you crave for Filipino dishes, you can enjoy the Porking Zone. They serve the traditional home-cooked Filipino favorites such as Crispy Sinigang (Php150), Sizzling Pork Sisig (Php160), Crispy Pata (Php400), Nilasing na Hipon (Php140), Tokawa’t Baboy (Php85), and many others.

17. Cafe Caudal

If you just wanna hang out and grab some coffee and sweet treats like cakes and cupcakes, Cafe Caudal will cater to you.

Alcoholic drinks are available too!

For your sweet tooth

Our favorite

I actually love all the food that we tried. I like that the selection is varied and group dining here ain’t a problem as there can surely be a dish for every taste bud!

If I go back, I’d love to try more burgers. Rona’s favorite is the Boombap 2.0, Nachos, Sisig Rice, Crazy Maki, and Chicken Teriyaki, and Ramen. I think the Ramen is excellent for its price. Yeah, I’d definitely try it again, too!

Parting Words

When you can’t decide which food to eat but you crave to get your tummy filled, The kEATchen Food Park is the place to go. This food haven in Taytay, Rizal houses more than 16 food shops that serve a variety of food and drink choices from different cuisines, your family or group of friends will surely have what they crave for!

The cozy and appealing ambiance of this food park created by the fun and comfortable interiors and efficient customer service seen from the staff plus the apparent affordability of the delectable dishes served here will definitely make diners return!

You can visit The kEATchen Food Park at East Acropolis Gardens, Manila East Road, Taytay, Rizal.  It is open daily from 4 PM to 12 MN.

Have you been to a food park before? What food do you usualy look for in a food park? Do you want to go to the kEATchen Food Park in Taytay, Rizal? Let us hear your thoughts below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more updates. And if you find this useful, do share!