When was the last time you gave a gas station a second look? Most of us just pass through and head on to our destinations. But time and again you encounter a station that makes you stop and think — “Hmm, maybe I’ll pass this way again.” The PTT gas station in SCTEX Bamban, Tarlac is one such station!

The PTT gas station in SCTEX Bamban, Tarlac is the perfect pit stop on your way north. Not only will you be getting all the items and services you need for your trip, but you’ll also be getting some much-needed rest.

Ready, Get Set…

A pit stop isn’t just a place where your car can refuel. It’s where you can fuel up your mind and body as well. Imagine sitting in a comfy armchair as you sip some premium coffee while watching the vehicles zoom past. PTT SCTEX Bamban, Tarlac is host to Café Amazon, which serves some great pastries and coffee!

Café Amazon is one of Thailand’s biggest café chains, famous for its sustainable business practices. They serve a wide variety of products, from tea, coffee, and juices to various treats. An even more remarkable concept is “Restroom 20”. This is a pay toilet, where you have to shell out PHP for each use. But before you gripe about the price, wait till you hear about what’s inside.

These restrooms have top-of-the-line facilities, including individual cubicles that open out to a garden view! The whole restroom is also very environment-friendly, with a solar roof that saves around 1.5 megawatts (enough to power a house).

Even better, Restroom 20’s proceeds go directly to PTT’s partner charitable institutions. Here in Clark, that includes reforestation and the support of ethnic tribes. A similar Restroom 20 in Lucena support the projects of its local government.

PTT restroom 20
toilet and sink of PTT restroom 20

Of course, there are also regular toilet facilities available for free. It’s also clean and comfy, as are all PTT facilities. But after you’ve used Restroom 20, trust me, paying PHP 20 would be a pleasure!

Karla and cute Godji, the PTT mascot

About PTT

PTT Philippines is a subsidiary of Thailand’s largest oil company. PTT markets its products to both retail consumers and commercial companies. They have been in the Philippines for over two decades, and they have opened more than 100 branches throughout Luzon and Central Visayas.

Aside from the proceeds of its Restroom 20, PTT also has several social responsibility projects which include the support of educational and environmental advocacies. They also help in sustaining the health of various communities through outreach and livelihood programs. It feels really heartwarming when you know that you’re not just getting top-notch service, but the money you pay is also working for the betterment of the world.

Parting Words

We all need a pitstop on our way during road trips, whether it’s to grab food or to gas up or to take a restroom break. But there are some like PTT SCTEX Bamban, Tarlac that desires to give us so much more and succeeds in doing it. It’s a station with a good cause, and it’s one you’re sure to visit again and again!

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