Here are loads photos I took from midday to dusk during our trip to Sumilon Island in Oslob, Cebu:

Granite rock formations along the coastal path of Tanauan, Oslob
Another snap before we island hop~
Boatman pulling the anchor rope… 
Island-hoppers alighting from pump boats
humble bamboo poles to rest on~
seascape from the overlook
seabed visible through a rippling water surface
people busy doing their own stuff~
Bluewater Resort pump boat

how to use bamboo poles “creatively”
cherishing the moment…
sparkling waters
peaceful coastal scene with still boats and mountains in the background 
cluster of thin trees
tree branches extending out over the water
silhouette of people in the island
sailing away~
“what’s inside”
read carefully
clearly you have to be responsible
some island-hoppers prepping to go back to Oslob
another serene view
kids don’t seem to be bothered…
some clothes. . .
almost sunset
fewer people are left in the water
busy playing in the sand
what’s gonna come out???
not so lonely coconut
people walking through the sand bar
Hiropi the penguin
Back entrance to the Sumilon Bluewater Resort
this view reminds me of winter trees in Mie…
was eager to find something underneath the water… but…
carefree. . .
Sumilon Island sand bar
bye for now Sumilon Island
not a pancake
almost back to Oslob

There! The boat has gone back to the shore ready for the next sail… 

Would you hop in?

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