BASE Jump from Kuala Lumpur Tower


Dare to jump from the KL Tower observation deck?

If you cannot wait until November to skydive in Cebu, try
participating at the Kuala Lumpur Tower International Jump Malaysia (KLTIJ) 2016

This annual event lets experienced BASE jumpers to plunge
into the earth from the Kuala Lumpur Tower, Wisma Sanyan Building, Gua Damai
Cliff on dates September 30th – October 3rd, September 21st  –
September 25th, September 27th – September 28th respectively. 

BASE jumping is another extreme sport similar to skydiving, only with relatively lower altitudes of “jump”. A BASE jumper uses a parachute or a wingsuit to jump from a building, antenna, span or cliff.

If you are interested in joining the BASE Jump event, please refer to the details below:

If you are a qualified BASE jumper and you absolutely want to take part in the said event, send an email to Mr. Gary Cunningham at

Not a qualified BASE Jumper but still want to participate in KLTIJ 2016?

If you are not a qualified BASE jumper but still want to join the international event, you can try sitting on the tower ledge.

For a fee of PHP 1500 (RM 128), you can sit on the tower ledge, watch the BASE jumpers free fall, and challenge your head for heights by looking down a view of 300 meters below.

Are you up for it? Reserve your tickets as early as now.

The Petronas Towers… took this from the KL Tower Observation deck

Information above is screen grabbed from KL Tower International Jump website.

Have you ever tried BASE jumping before? Do you want to participate in the KL International Jump 2016? What do you think about sitting on the tower ledge? Let us know your thoughts! Leave a comment below!


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