If you are a Philippine passport holder travelling out of the country, you need to pay travel tax as provided for by Presidential Decree (PD) 1183. 

Whether you are leaving from Cebu, Manila or any international airports in the Philippines, you need to pay travel tax.

Under the current law, Filipino economy travellers must pay an amount of β‚±1,620 (equivalent to US$30), while business and first-class passengers must pay β‚±2,700 (equivalent to US$50). At the moment, only Overseas Filipino Workers and permanent residents of foreign countries are exempted from paying the travel tax. (Source: TIEZA)

Philippine Travel Tax Rates

It is important to note that some airlines already include travel tax in the air ticket you pay when you book your flight. For example, when I booked my flight with Hong Kong Airlines, the travel tax is already paid for with the ticket price. Air Asia has the option to pay for travel tax online during your flight booking.

Here is how you can pay the travel tax online. And if you need a complete NAIA airport guide (if you are travelling out of the country for the first time), check out this post.

Terminal Fee

The terminal fee differs for every airport. The range is about Php200-Php850. Most airlines include the terminal fee though. It is worth checking if your ticket has covered it for you. At NAIA airport, the terminal fees are Php550 for international flights and Php200 for local or domestic flights. The Mactan Cebu International Airport charges Php300 for local flights and Php850 for international flights. The Clark International Airport has terminal fees of Php150 for local flights and Php650 for international flights.

Excess Baggage Fees

If you exceed your baggage, you need to pay excess baggage fee. Actually, you need to “add” baggage allowance. This is what you are paying for. The baggage allowance cost varies per airline and also depends if you’re travelling domestic or international. I know that Philippine Airlines charges Php200 per kilogram excess for domestic flights. For international flights, here is their table of International Flights Excess Baggage Charge (EBC)

I highly suggest you purchase baggage allowance when you book your ticket because it is much cheaper.

Parting Words

If your ticket doesn’t cover the travel tax or terminal fee, you have to pay them at the airport. If you have excess baggage, you’ll also need to pay additional fee for it. Other than these fees, you don’t need to pay any other fees at the airport.

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