100 meter tunnel of lights in Nabana No Sato

While visiting Mie, I was determined to see Nagashima Spaland. I didn’t have
the idea on how to get there, only the thought of beating my (photoblogger) friend
Daurin’s swag photo on the Steel Dragon 2000. Unfortunately,
the theme park was unavailable during my time of visit. It’s said to be open
all year round but temporarily closed for some days (like in late January to early Feb) for maintenance…

Good thing my Japanese friend told me about a better alternative—Touka no Kyouen, translated as “The Flowers in Winter”. It is a light show in Nabana no Sato, a part of the same amusement park, Nagashima Resort. Nabana no Sato is a 15-minute bus
ride from Nagashima Spaland. 

I know that Nagashima Spaland is the 8th most
visited theme park in the world. In fact, it is in my bucket list (including FUJI-Q Highland in Yamanashi). But
the Nabana No Sato as part of the theme park is something I had not heard of.
Even so, it is still worth visiting. This amusement park, located in the suburb of Mie, lights up 8.5 million bulbs
for a one of a kind “winter floral illumination”.

Below are loads of images of the entire place and the light

At the entrance
oh hey ticket passes
some ads
Island Fuji Ride in Nabana No Sato
View from the Island Fuji Ride in Nabana No Sato
Mirrors in Nabana No Sato
So I learned that in Spring this place is filled with flowers esp tulips
Gives me that “into the woods” feels

In these tunnels of light, you can actually hear the birds singing and the water flowing… Like you are in a real forest… well-played Nabana no Sato! Well-played!

finally I caught the tunnel perfectly unjammed!
How magical I thought
But this is more magical.. uhm.. enchanting…
You can warm yourself up here…
eating time
my first time to eat fried oysters!! I like the dipping!
This is the same house hugged by tulips in Spring
tall trees… the left one seems like a Christmas tree to me…
the main attraction.. the Niagara falls illuminated scenes
double rainbow illumination in nabana no sato
imagine this vast field field with flowers instead of light bulbs!? must be splendid!!!
viewing station
PERFECT RAINBOW in nabana no sato illumination
don’t forget a group photo here
at the parking area
the parking area was so big.. we got lost!!! where did we park???!!!!!
Really time to say good-bye… 

My Nabana No Sato experience was one of the most memorable
and romantic experiences I had in Kansai. The lights I saw there kind of
stimulated the creative part of me. Obviously, I enjoyed taking photos more
than usual while in that place.

I would highly recommend adding Nabana No Sato
of NAGASHIMA RESORT on your list of amusement parks to visit if you happen to be in that
part of Japan. It is accessible from Nagoya Station or Kuwana (Nagashima) Station line. Find out more about it here.

Have you been to some light shows in winter? How was it? I’d love to hear your experience!