I’m a big fan of flying. I try to fly as often as I could. I love how it saves much time and energy when traveling a thousand miles. I love airplanes. I love the view of the clouds from the cabin window. I think clouds are ever pretty up there! Though I’ve only been to Southeast Asian countries, I know I love being airborne… so perhaps it follows,

I love AirAsia! 🙂

AirAsia. The World’s Best Low Cost Airline. 

The World’s Best Low Cost Airline

If there’s a low cost carrier that is close to my heart that will be AirAsia. I flew my first overseas travel with them and had a memorable experience. My flight to Hongkong turned out to be less frightening [than what my friend warned me about/ than I thought] because of the friendly on board flight attendants, delicious in-flight meal, comfortable seat and zero motion discomfort…

My recent travel to Singapore was even better. Initially, I had a cancelled flight but I was able to rebook an earlier schedule with the help of AirAsia customer representative on Facebook! It was so convenient! The staff replied to all my inquiries attentively! I felt their genuine support! If I could fly with AirAsia in all my travels, I’d be very delighted!

Having said that, I felt ecstatic upon hearing about AirAsia’s partnership with Zest Air. That’s right! Starting September 20, 2013, Zest Air is flying with AirAsia from NAIA Terminal 4 as AirAsia Zest! Refreshing name huh! And though I didn’t actually mind travelling to Clark Airport in my previous trips, I think not needing to go to DMIA anymore to travel with this grand low cost carrier is utterly superb! ALSO, AirAsia Zest will allow me to fly from NAIA Terminal 4 to my destination at affordable prices! And by affordable, I mean cheap with no hidden charges!

Let’s compare the prices, shall we?

Manila to Davao

AirAsia Zest: Php888 VS Competing LCC: Php 1000+

Manila to Kota Kinabalu

AirAsia Zest: Php1840 VS Competing LCC: PHP2,732.01


BETTER CHOOSE THE RIGHT WAY TO FLY!!!! (I flew to Singapore with AirAsia! So I got this perfect Jumpshot(?))

Travel bloggers like me really want to save on the air fare without sacrificing flight safety. Luckily, I can have both with AirAsia Zest. Plus, I get to experience great in-flight services that will make me forget about how cheap I spent [for the ticket]!!!

AirAsia Zest is indeed the right way to fly!

Now that AirAsia Zest is flying from NAIA Terminal 4 to different domestic and international destinations such as:  Cebu, Davao, Kalibo (Boracay), Puerto Princesa, Tagbilaran, Cagayan De Oro, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, Shanghai, China, Incheon, South Korea; I decided to write down my next travel destinations list!

1. CEBU!

De-stressing tops my vacation list. By that I meant nature therapy so I’d love to go back to the Queen City of the South, again! The last time I went there, I visited some historical sites. This time I’d love to feel really close to nature. I want to go Island hopping, trekking… I want to try the recommended outdoor activities on blogs I follow. I heard that in Cebu, there are lots of fun and festive nature tripping sites to see and also lots of food to eat. It works perfectly well for me! I’d love to munch on Cebu’s Lechon and dried mangoes while appreciating the laid-back and sophisticated lifestyle in the city! I can’t wait to go back and have a grand time! And maybe if I’m lucky enough I’d get myself a new decent guitar as birthday present! 🙂

This is me in front of Cebu Capitol


While I enjoyed most water activities in Boracay, I’ve never  experienced rafting. I’d really love to go to Cagayan de Oro River and enjoy their famous white water rafting or kayaking adventures [this time without the maddening crowd of Boracay LOL]. I also want to promote on my blog about their pristine waterfalls, historical and majestic caves, beaches, street scenes, and of course, food! [I feel so hungry!] 

Just sharing this photo from crocodile island 🙂 “Snorkeling Kang” 🙂 Next time it’s definitely rafting in CDO river!

3. DAVAO!!!

Food tripping, specifically with tropical and seasoned fruits, is also on my list. This alone makes me wanna visit Davao and see for myself Kadayawan Festival fruit bazaars! I LOVE FRUITS! I am a maniac for fruits! I’ve been wanting to go to Davao (especially to our Church lot with hectares of fruit-bearing trees)! Now it’s possible to go to Davao because of AirAsia Zest’s unrivalled daily low fares! Thank you AirAsia Zest! 

In DAVAO, I can get more of these precious goodies and others like DURIAN, POMELO and MANGOSTEEN

Going international?!

As for my next international destination, I am going to Kota Kinabalu! You saw AirAsia Zest’s low fare right?! And the photo below? Who wouldn’t grab the lovely opportunity? And besides it’s AirAsia Zest! It sure lives up to the same high standards of its partner, AirAsia! So worry no more and just enjoy! 🙂

Photo taken by my friend Junya… I grabbed this from his Facebook LOL

Again, AirAsia Zest can take you from NAIA Terminal 4 to any domestic and international routes you prefer safely at affordable fares! In addition to that, you’ll be able to fly with guaranteed world class travel experience! So the next time you plan a flight, you know how, AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly! 

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Published by Erica Poyauan

Erica is a former PR pro turned entrepreneur. Her greatest joys are family, blogging, music, skin care and social justice. As a Muay Thai enthusiast, Erica prides herself on working with increased focus, humility and diligence. She believes in living a fit life doing everything with a flair of creativity and love! Stalk her social channels @thegirlwiththemujihat

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  1. I wish I flew places more! It would be great. Love the picture of you jumping, so sweet!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll xx

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