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I won a gorgeous arm candy from Frills and I’s

Frills & I’s offers arm candy loot for online shoppers who crave for trendy accessories. It has a wide collection of jewelry and watches–from elegant gold and silver to playful rubber and silicon– all mixed and matched to sass up your style. 

A few days ago, Frills & I’s held a giveaway in celebration of reaching 555 LIKES on Facebook. Today they announced the winner and poof [it didn’t become Koko Kruch]! I was randomly selected for the gold and silver collection! See my name (and prize) below??

Photo credit to Frills & I’s

Here’s my prize 🙂 something from the gold and silver collection!

Good news is whatever style you like in an arm candy, Frills & I’s definitely has something for you!

It’s a lucky day after all! O:-)

You can be lucky too! This arm candy (or probably a much better concoction of bling) is a few clicks away! Frills & I’s will soon reach 1000 likes and will give away new sets from their awesome collection!

So visit Frills & I’s Facebook Page to keep yourself posted! You might also want to browse on their albums and see which style fits you. Play up your personality with Frills & I’s trendy, affordable arm candies. After all, life is too short to wear boring accessories 🙂