Unexpected but Memorable Stay at the Marina Bay Sands


As a
small town girl who’s always on the side of practicality, I would never splurge
on a fancy hotel UNLESS there’s an occasion. 

Clearly, I promote budget travel
so setting foot in this spacious, warm-lit, Tai
 carpeted room of the
Marina Bay Sands is kind of surreal for me.

So what’s the occasion?
You might ask. In fact, there’s none. But here I am, and I’ll tell you why…

Reason to Stay in Marina Bay Sands

I could think of two great reasons to
stay in Marina Bay Sands: one is to feel the waters of the
world’s highest and longest infinity pool and the second one is to enjoy the sunset
view while I rest my chin and thrust my arms on the edge of the world’s highest and longest infinity
… I guess I should just say my top reason is the Skypark Infinity Pool.

others, it could be the award-winning Banyan Spa or the high-class Casino. It could
be the buffet breakfast prepared by celebrity chefs or the exclusive bars or observation
decks that promise a panoramic view of Singapore’s gleaming city district. 

it is, the top reason is always related to the self-indulgence this
luxury accommodation advertises…

Singapore City ~ Photo by Mike Enerio

Cost of Room Elegance

initially thought that staying in Marina Bay Sands would only cost around Php
15, 000 per night. To my surprise, Hiropi paid a little over Php 21,000 per
night for a Deluxe Room without breakfast or bath tub included. I know. Deep Sigh.

the room lived up to its cost. But it’s not due to “an outstanding interior”, mind you. For
the most part, the bedding, furniture, flat screen TV, blackout drapes, internet
speed, shower and toiletries, room service—all these are just on a par with a 5-star hotel that’s about half our room cost.

room didn’t disappoint because of “the view”. From the window of our room on the 49th
floor, we could enjoy the seemingly unending fireworks displays and glittering
lights generated by the proud skyscrapers. 

After all,
our room is a “deluxe room with city view” for a reason.

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Observation Deck

Not only
that we enjoyed the night view from our room, akin to the experience, we relished
the 360-degree daytime view of the rest of the city district.

The last
time I went to Singapore, I was not allowed to be here. As I mentioned, this
part of the hotel is exclusive to the guests.

Up here
is a good place to breathe fresh air but not really a good place to take selfie
against the wind.

Coveted Infinity Pool

Our main
agenda, so to speak, is to swim in the 150-meter infinity pool perched atop the
3 towers of the Marina Bay Sands.

But I
realized it is not smart to swim here past 5 PM in a cloudy February. The wind
can really be chilly and the water can be freezing cold.

If it’s
the case, you can try soaking in the Jacuzzi instead, just like what we’re left
to do.

I failed to swim.. it’s too cold… so i just relaxed on the lounge chair, and yeah enjoyed the Jacuzzi…

the Marina Bay Sands

our stay, the vicinity of the hotel is busy with movable stalls adorned with
Chinese New Year decors. The place is festive, as well as crowded.

To our
convenience, we could taste a variety of local food from the night market, listen
to live bands, take photos with colorful figures—all in celebration of the

It’s festive around the Marina Bay Sands


I’m far
from being ‘the person with luxurious tastes’, but I wouldn’t say I don’t appreciate
luxury. The stay in Marina Bay Sands is unexpected but truly memorable. I was more
than thrilled to be here. I thank Hiropi for choosing this hotel for the first
stint of our early summer getaway.

To be
honest though, it would take me some time to go back here. This hotel is not in my
league. But if in any case, the room price drops, I’d take it straightaway and hopefully
experience the infinity pool once more, this time, on a bright, warm sunny day…

Expensive places are often relaxing, but not always. They
might exceed expectations. They might disappoint… What I realized though, during my stay in the Marina Bay
Sands, is that these places will always ensure “a unique moment of
pleasure”—be it fleeting or extensive—a one-of-a-kind experience you get
to take with you when you go back home and probably affect you in a small way
or so~ 

you stayed in the Marina Bay Sands? How was your experience? 

Or do you have any
plans to stay here? 
Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section

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