If you are looking for a well-manicured hotel near Changi Airport with free shuttle transfer, a cozy fragrant room that could purge the stress of a long-haul flight or exhausting travel preparation, try the Capri by Fraser in Changi City, Singapore.

Free Shuttle Transfer

Our flight to Singapore from Manila arrived almost midnight so Hiropi and I agreed to stay near the airport. 

I don’t know about other hotels but we’re pretty sure Capri by Fraser in Changi City has a free shuttle transfer to and from the airport for its guests. I initially confirmed this via email and even received a pdf file of their airport shuttle bus arrival schedule. (You can email them for the file: reservations.singapore@capribyfraser.com )

It would be easy, I thought, to find the shuttle bus once we arrive but contrary to that thought, we had a little difficulty figuring things out… I won’t bore you with the details though. Let me just leave you with this important note: Capri by Fraser bus is PURPLE not blue and it arrives every 30 minutes. 

It’s purple right?!!!!

Anyway, we were relieved to find the shuttle. And in 40 minutes we arrived in the hotel. It was a bit longer ride because the shuttle needed to pass through other terminals and wait for hotel guests. 

My camera setting failed me in most of my captures here. . . 


I felt like it didn’t take 3 minutes for us  to check in. Hiropi just went to the counter, showed his passport and voucher from Agoda and then got the room key card.

And while waiting for him, I snapped some photos…

The Room

The smell of the room is very relaxing. It kind of reminds me of Acacia Hotel maybe because of the citrus scent, I really like it.   

Another thing that impressed me is the orange accent on the bed, the couch and on the walls. I guess using orange or red in small doses for bedrooms is not a bad idea after all. 

Two power outlets in this room are compatible with our gadgets but the rest aren’t. So if you plan to stay here  longer, it’s just smart to bring along adapters.

The Bathroom

There are bathrobes inside the closet behind me, iron, complete toiletries, hair dryer, towels in all sizes, slippers, weighing scale, transparent shower cubicle, and shaver.


The room is also equipped with a mini-kitchen that has all the basic utensils you need for light cooking. 

This is a good room for a family staycation then! 

Changi City Point and Expo Station

The hotel is adjacent to shopping centers. Parks around the vicinity maybe good for children and elderly. Again, I feel like this hotel is a good staycation place for the whole family.

The MRT station is 5-minute walk away. . . 

Lasting First Impression

Truth be told, we only stayed in this hotel for about 9 hours but I had a lasting first impression. 

I was very pleased with the smell of the room, the modern ambiance in the hallway, the friendly staff in the front desk and the comfortable shuttle transfer that we badly needed the night of our arrival when the rain graciously poured in Changi City. 

Hopefully next time, we could stay longer and try their gym or outdoor swimming pool to give justice to the 158 SGD room price that we paid…

All in all, I believe Capri by Fraser in Changi City offers a good balance of price and quality. I wouldn’t hesitate staying here again. My senses would be delighted to stay here again!

You can book a room here:

Do you want to stay in this hotel? Or have you? What is your go-to hotel in Singapore? Would love to hear your recommendations in the comment section below! Thank you for reading!