Love Lessons From Pad Thai


Truth be told, it was my first time to try Pad Thai at a bloggers event in BKK Express, Uptown Mall, BGC. 

BKK Express, the latest addition to the
growing chains of
Cabalen Group of
, serves authentic, affordable Thai dishes on the go. It imports
ingredients from Bangkok and has its own Thai Chef to do the cooking.

About Pad Thai

Among BKK Express menu selection is the Pad Thai, Thailand’s national dish that’s
made with rice noodles, stir-fried with eggs and tofu, and flavored
with tamarind, fish sauce, dried shrimp, garlic, chili
pepper, palm sugar and peanuts. It is said to be made popular by Prime
Plaek Phibunsongkhram to cultivate
national identity.

For many years, I had stereotyped Pad Thai as overly spicy, unexciting dish, hence, the utter
disregard. But Pad Thai is different from what I thought. It is a harmonious
blend of spicy, salty, sweet and sour ingredients. The flavor is well-balanced;
it is equally satisfying to the eye, nose and palate. It’s not dull as it has variants—with
crab meat, tofu, chicken, pork, vegetable, mussel, prawn, etc…

BKK Express’ Pad Thai definitely got me hooked. A few
days later, I was eager to have more in Phuket. Thankfully, the ones I tried in
Thailand and the Pad Thai in BKK Express are on a par!

Prawn Pad Thai servings for 60 Baht each

What we could
learn from Pad Thai

My misconception of Thai food deprived me of the world’s 5th most delicious food
for 29 years
. If I relate this to love, I’d say stereotyping hinders us
from getting to know a wonderful individual or ruins the “chance” of a good
relationship before it even starts. Perhaps we can be more aware of our own stereotypes and move beyond to a better “judgment”?

Parting Words

I’m leaving you with this final thought: Whether it’s Pad
Thai or a relationship–the key is balance. For food or love to serve a useful
purpose, the components should not be missing nor should they be lopsided.
Don’t put too little; don’t put too much. Maintain balance!

[This article was originally posted on Travel Plus Magazine Philippines for its January 2017 Issue]

Do you like Pad Thai? What do you think is the key to a strong and lasting relationship? Let me hear your thoughts below! 

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