Prepare for the rainy season with this checklist!


Unlike other countries, there are only two seasons in the Philippines: wet and dry seasons. We just got past the dry, hot summer, so ready or not, here comes the rainy season

If the Philippines has been your home country for a long time, you know how extreme the weather here could be. If it’s not too hot, it’s rainy. You better be prepared for the heavy rain showers just like what we’ve been experiencing over the last few days—non-stop rains that left roads waterlogged and some residential areas flooding.

If you’re prepared, you’ll love the rainy season for the blessing that it is. All you need is a checklist to keep yourself from worrying too much. This will give you the assurance ‘you got it’ even if the weather suddenly becomes unfriendly.

Here are 6 tips to get you started:

Stay informed

Make sure that you take the time to watch the news for weather updates. If this is impossible because of schedule, subscribe to a social media page that posts updates, or download an app that would supply such info. You have to know what kind of weather you’ll have the next day by whatever means. It is the reporter’s job to deliver news and it is your responsibility to watch and share it with your family and friends.

Store enough food

It could be difficult to buy groceries that would last until the next week especially because of meat and fish. However, what you can do is remind yourself “it is the rainy season” whenever you shop for food and supplies. The consciousness would do the trick for you and help you be prepared for rain effortlessly. All of a sudden you’ll know which to buy. When the heavy rains come then, you can just enjoy chilling at home instead of coming out to buy food.

Have the right items

You need a “ready for the rain” starter pack. It has to have a first-aid kit, quality umbrellas, waterproof bags and storage boxes and should be easy to locate and carry should the need arise. Store it in one area of your house and make sure that all of you in the family knows where it is. When the worst happens and flood enters your home, you wouldn’t have time to prepare these items anymore. Pack only the necessities, though – one big bag/storage box is enough for each family member.

Have evacuation plans

Again, you are preparing for the worst thing that can happen in this rainy season, which is flooding. Your checklist should include an evacuation plan. Start at “Don’t panic” then, proceed to where you and your family would go in case the situation gets really bad. Where will you park your car and who is the fittest person to drive under heavy rain showers? If you’re dealing with kids, assign them roles and explain the different color alerts.

Charge your power bank

Power outage or simply brownout often happens during the rainy season. Unless you have a generator at home, what you can do is make sure that your power bank is always fully charged. You may also give your children their own and ask them to be in charge of it. The more power bank, the better especially since brownouts may last for more than a day if the damage to a post is really bad. Fully-charge not just your power bank, but everything you can at home such as laptop, batteries, and emergency lights.

Educate your kids

For parents, make sure that you involve your children in this preparation. They have to be as ready and smart as you. The more educated they are and prepared for heavy rains, the less likely it would scare them. Teach them to watch for themselves and help others when they can. They have to know these things are also part of life.

Parting Words

The rainy season is a blessing and not something you should dread. After all, plants need the rains just as much as they need the sun. For individuals like you who need to hustle daily despite any weather or climate condition, preparedness is the key. Good thing, you have this mini-checklist to help you and your loved ones prepare. Keep it handy, know it by heart, and enjoy a good night sleep brought about by the cool breeze of the rainy season!

How do you prepare for the rainy season? Do you also do any of the recommended tips mentioned in this article? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! If you think this article would be helpful to someone you know, please do share! Thanks!

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