How to apply for Japan Tourist Visa for Filipinos


I tried to re-apply for Japan Tourist Visa for my trip this coming October. Again, I submitted all the required documents to Reli Tours & Travel Agency and got my passport back 3 days after!

Here are some changes I noticed:

(1) I didn’t need to submit NSO birth certificate this time (Birth certificate section in my application form was marked “with old used visa”) 

(2) I only paid Php 2000 to the agency. Last time it was Php 2500. Also, I found out that if you apply with NO GUARANTOR, you will just pay PHP 950.00 

(3) I was granted 15 days of stay – shorter compared to last time which was 30 days.

(4) I was really hoping to get a multiple entry visa but I still got a single entry. Of course I’m still grateful they didn’t deny my application. Here’s how to get Multiple Entry Visa

Japan VISA requirement has been lifted for citizens of several Southeast Asian countries. Unfortunately, we aren’t included on the list. Filipinos still need to apply for a tourist VISA in order to visit Japan. But fret not. The application process has been “relaxed”. It’s less strict these days. In fact, I tried applying and I succeeded!

So how did I get my JAPAN TOURIST VISA?

To get the VISA you have to file your application through an accredited agency. You have to submit all the requirements and pay the application fee.

Click here for the list of requirements

Click here for the list of accredited agencies


In my case, I submitted these documents to RELI TOURS in SM MEGAMALL:

1. Philippine Passport – Passport should be in good condition. To quote: “broken lamination of the photo part is not accepted. Must have signature and have at least two (2) blank pages” 

2. Bank Certificate – My one year old savings account in BDO has PHP 150, 000 (last time I applied my savings account from BPI had 162K). I paid PHP100 to request for bank certificate. (If you browse on the comment section below you’ll see other employed applicants had around 60K in their savings account – still they were granted their visa. So I don’t think it is necessary to have more than 100, 000 in your bank account esp for a 7 day stay) (READ MORE ABOUT BANK CERTIFICATE FOR VISA HERE)

3. Income Tax Return (2016) – I submitted photocopies of all the 15 pages of my ITR (forms 1701 and 2307 – because independent contractors like me fall under self-employed category) (If you are a company employee, you’d need to submit your one page form 2316).

4. Photos with my Guarantor – I submitted 15 different photos. This should be a photocopy (You can have the photos photocopied at RELI TOURS OFFICE)

5. Guarantee Letter – This letter comes from my Japanese Guarantor. My guarantor also sent original copy of his residence certificate and certificate of employment.

6. Invitation Letter  – My Japanese guarantor sent a letter stating why he is inviting me to Japan. It’s handwritten in English with his affixed signature (SEAL). 

7. Photocopy of online conversations – I submitted conversations from Facebook and Skype. I just copied and pasted the chat history and have them printed.

8. Daily Schedule in Japan – I downloaded this form and filled in my daily activities.

9. Printout of flight information – I got my round trip ticket 6 months prior to my VISA application. (They say buying plane ticket doesn’t guarantee approval of your visa but I thought maybe it helps so yeah I did buy my ticket)

10. NSO Birth Certificate – I submitted original NSO birth certificate (issued year 2016). I needed to request for a new one because they don’t accept BCs issued a year ago or earlier.

11. Visa Application Form – I got this form from RELI Tours office on the same day I submitted my documents. I filled the form neatly, filled it while I was waiting for my turn (to submit my documents). I used black sign pen. I pasted the photo on the upper right corner box. Photo should be 4.5cm x 4.5cm. I had my picture taken at PHOTOLINE. It’s just a couple of steps away from Reli Tours office.

If you don’t have someone from Japan to invite you/ guarantee your stay, you don’t need to submit documents 5-8. Your COE and payslips together with your ITR are good enough if you are shouldering all your expenses. This should prove your capacity to fund your trip.



  • Payment to the agency: Php 2500
  • Document photocopies: Php 110.00
  • ID Picture: Php 75.00
  • Bank Certificate request fee: Php 100.00
  • Photo printing: Php 75.00
  • NSO Birth Certificate: Php 330.00  

I got my VISA 3 days after I filed my application!

Yay!!! My Japan Tourist VISA valid for 30 days stay!

Japan’s beauty is beyond words. I encourage you to go there and see it for yourself. Just please, when you get there, practice self-discipline. Take pride in your country and show foreigners the good Filipino that you are. God bless your VISA application!


*Don’t forget to fill in the emergency contact info on the last page of your PASSPORT.

*Don’t let the waiting time for your VISA APPLICATION result cause you stress and discomfort. CHILL! If you submitted all the correct documents, there is no way you’ll get denied.

My first night in Japan… This is the HEARTON HOTEL in Umeda (Osaka, JP)

Helpful links

Reli Tours & Travel Agency

Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

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Passport application online

(2018 Note: This blog post was originally published in 2015, but since it is one of our most popular posts, we have updated it to include the latest research, up-to-date information, and helpful tips in this topic.)

Hope this post helps. If ever I missed anything, do let me know. Also if you’ve experienced to apply for and get Japan tourist visa before, please share some tips. We’d all love to hear from you! 

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