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Whether you are perfecting your flips or training for the next parkour or cheer dance competition, the best inflatable equipment you’ll need is an air track

It is challenging to train for any sport that requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance. You’ll need a regular visit to the gym. Perhaps a trainer too. But the discipline doesn’t end after your gym class. You have to continue when you get home (especially training for flexibility). In my case, I find it invaluable to have some equipment ready to help me train at home.

For mastering a skill that demands to flip and bounce, an air track is a must.

Inflatable Small Air Track Tumble Trak Air Floor

Where to buy an air track?

In my hometown, there is no way you can buy an air track or an air mat. Probably in Manila but I don’t want to waste my energy searching (and dealing with the traffic). The more practical solution is buying from online.

There are several air track brands online, but the best one selling top air tumble tracks is the WholeSaleAirtrack.

About WholeSaleAirtrack

Wholesaleairtrack is one of the world’s largest suppliers of top air tumble tracks. The company has several years of extensive experience and manufactures its own products.

Having that said, the air tracks of WholeSaleAirtrack are made of top quality, strength materials, which are also used for inflatable boat production. These air tracks are also all hand-made by industry specialist and undergo a well-round and strict quality control. There is no need to worry about your safety or about your air track gradually breaking down in time. The air tracks they manufacture are blown up for 16 hours for the pressure test to ensure airtight seals.

You can choose to buy your air tracks from WholeSaleAirtrack to guarantee durability, fast shipping, and for incredible after sales service.

Cheerleading sports tumble track gymnastics equipment gray surface green side home airtrack

Contact WholeSaleAirtrack

You may contact WholeSaleAirtrack through the contact page on their website to know more about their services, shipment policies, terms and conditions and frequently asked questions. 

Also, you can do the purchasing on their site. It’s great to know that this time they have an ongoing promo: avail of a 6% off their products and a free shipping worldwide! 

Follow their Facebook and Instagram for more updates. 

Parting Words

WholeSaleAirtrack has customers from all over the world who have ordered air tracks – from experienced business owners to new entrants. The company has helped and is committed to always help the customer with advice and tips that you can consider when purchasing air tracks or if you want to start your own air track business. For more information, feel free to contact them or visit their factory!

Do you need an air track? Do you want to buy or sell air tracks? What do you think about WholeSaleAirtrack?

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