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Hoegaarden Witbier new flavor is “peachy keen”!


The Hoegaarden journey continues from the original Belgian white variant to Rosée (that I love so much) and now to a vibrant, summer time fruit flavor—Hoegaarden Peach!

Yes! Hoegaarden Peach is now out in the Philippine market and it is peachy keen!

Hoegaarden Peach
Just chilling by the pool with Hoegaarden Peach

Hoegaardeen Peach was first launched in Thailand right before this year’s Songkran as a limited edition product; also in time to celebrate Hoegaarden’s Belgian heritage of peaches being available in Belgian summer markets.

As for me, my first encounter with Hoegaarden was about a year ago when a friend of mine brought a 750ml Hoegaarden Rosée to our get-together.

Most of my friends thought it was not bad for a Php349 sparkling drink. I thought it was great as I slug a glassful.

Fast-forward six months, I went to a friend’s housewarming and I brought Rosée beers. The drinks got everybody going.

Since the day I tried Hoagaarden Rosee, I tend to order it whenever I go out for craft beers.

The most recent drinking escapade was at Tap Station in BGC…

I love Hoegaarden Rosée because of its naturally sweet taste and rich fruit notes from coriander. Yeah!!! Coriander! Apparently, mature coriander seeds are a secret spice in Belgian beers for it holds hints of various other flavors that blend so well in beers.

The new Peach variant of Hoegaarden also has coriander and other spices in it. I can’t wait to day drink it with my friends…

I think Hoegaarden Peach is something you’ll like if you crave for a refreshing, floral sweet alcoholic drink that’s perfect for a warm day (and won’t give you a hangover the morning after).

No matter how much I like the Hoegaarden Peach (or Rosee), I know this flavor is not for everyone especially for those with no sweet tooth. But if you are looking for something new to vibe with and you love fruity, non-boring drinks, Hoegaarden Peach is the perfect drink for you to try.

You can now buy Hoegaarden Peach from S&R at Php429 for a pack of 3 500ml cans.

While drinking beer has its health benefits, I encourage you to be smart when drinking: eat, drink water in between, eat food… drink slowly and enjoy your favorite beer in a responsible way!

If you try Hoegaarden Peach, let me know what you think and if you find this post useful or “cute” LOL, do share!
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