Find Romance in London’s Boutique Hotels


the moonlit gondola rides along canals to exploring the beautiful City of
Lights, couples often leave their home countries to rediscover love via a
romantic European getaway. But it isn’t Venice or Paris that people are
claiming is the most romantic city in the continent. 
In fact, a poll by The Evening Standard suggests that London’s parks, nightlife, and many
other attractions were enough to see it voted the most romantic city in Europe. 

So whether you’re going on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or
spending the holidays together, London has got plenty to offer love birds
including charming boutique hotels that create the perfect setting for a
romantic retreat.

51 Buckingham Gate, Taj Suites & Residences

Authentic luxury and fine dining at Taj Suites

Get the royal treatment in a luxurious hotel near Buckingham Palace. With three
critically acclaimed restaurants, an award winning spa, and suites overlooking
the courtyard gardens all within a prime location, there isn’t much else you
can ask for at the
Taj Suites & Residences.

Lord Milner

Stay in one of the eleven uniquely decorated rooms in this townhouse located in
Belgravia. Unlike other hotels, this accommodation is more of a lavish home
away from home with no after-hours reception, but
Lord Milner always makes sure that there is someone that you can contact
for whatever needs you may have.

The Soho Hotel

Along the quiet streets in the heart of London’s entertainment district, you’ll
find a collection of the most amazing suites decorated with sophistication at
the the
Soho Hotel. The floor-to-ceiling warehouse style windows ensure that
you’ll have the best views of the city.

Traveling to London

There are several international airports, like Gatwick and Heathrow, as well as
regional hubs that connect travelers from all over the world to London.
Depending on where you’re coming from, you could be arriving at one of the
smaller airports, such as London Stansted which can be accessible via a rail connection, has extensive
car parking options and operates primarily low-cost European flights. It’s further
away from the city center compared to the other airports, but there are several
public transport options that will get you there easy enough. You could always
arrange an airport pick-up with the hotel for maximum convenience.

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