Elorde Boxing Gym Opens in Café Lupe Antipolo


Grateful to be a part of the Media Launch of Elorde Boxing Gym at Café Lupe in Antipolo City. Thanks to Tag Media for gracing us the opportunity to meet Chef Albright and the well-experienced Elorde instructors.

Our group spent a night photographing the premises, putting questions to Coach Zaldy and finally engaging in a boxing session.

Tadaaaa! my photo opp with Coach Zaldy and  Coach Jocksan aka Baron Geisler 

Elorde Boxing Gym

I started my beginner boxing lessons last month… Got my red hand wraps from the Olympic Village and attended a few sessions at my local gym. Stepping at the Elorde Boxing Gym, I was eager to know how their boxing class differs and whether I would want to transfer there. 

What are your goals? This is an important question the student should address before starting to train at the gym. According to Coach Zaldy, the training would be more effective if the training goal is made clear. So what is my goal? Honestly, I want to be an MMA fighter. HA! Is it possible? Well, Coach Zaldy didn’t discourage me. In fact he convinced me to continue and I’ll tell you about it next time… For now let’s talk more about the Gym.


The first question was about the location. Why put up the gym in Sumulong Hi-way? But in my mind I kind of get the reason…


The location is ideal for a stress-free workout especially if you train in hot summer afternoons. Mind you, in my local gym, we tend to suffer from extreme heat because there are few small windows… But Elorde Boxing Gym in Cafe Lupe is well-ventilated. In addition, the view from the window can calm the senses. If you read my post about Cafe Lupe, you’d agree!

The head trainer, Coach Zaldy, is an ex-professional boxer who leveled up his career
to being a trainer now. He showed us his license and talked a bit about his
experiences as an ex-pro boxer. (There is another boxer who looks like a famous actor haha)

Heavy Bags



Here are the equipment you can freely use at the gym:

1. Treadmill

This can be a substitute for road exercise such as outdoor running. You can jog or run ont he treadmill to increase your stamina.

2. Boxing Ring

This is where you fight. In the ring, you can maneuver without bumping into things
other the the rubberized ropes.

3. Double End Bag

This bag is used to train timing, accuracy and throwing fast combinations. this is also used when you work on
slipping punches.

4. Speed Bag

This suspended bag is used to train for speed, timing, and great hand and eye coordination.

Speed bags

5. Heavy bag

The big punching bag is used to train power punches and also to practice box techniques.

6. Punch Mitts

Trainers use Punch Mitts to protect their hands during one on one punch-/ kick- training/ sparring

7. Jump Rope

Jump rope is used for cardio and to increase overall stamina as well as balance.

8. Hand Wraps

These are used for hand, knuckles and wrist protection.

9. Head Gear

This is worn to prevent cuts or serious injuries from punches when

10. Boxing Gloves

These are used to protect your hand when sparring/training and protect your opponent
from getting seriously hurt.

11. Dumbbells and Balls

These are used for conditioning.

Reception area on the left, dumbbells on the right

Reception Area

At the reception, you’ll need to fill the log book. This reminds me of Polecats studio in Ortigas. You can buy boxing needs suck as gloves or hand wraps here.


The gym has the best ventilation. Sliding windows and electric fan all over the place. There is also an air cooler. 

Shower and Locker Room

One floor below and you can reach the shower and locker room. You can take shower here after your workout. you can also leave your things and other stuff in the safe lockers. 

Parking Lot

Trainees can make use of the free parking space in the place


If you get hungry you can dine at Café Lupe Restaurant

Oh my hand!

Boxing 101

Boxing class for beginners in Elorde Boxing Gym by Coach Zaldy
consists of warm up, conditioning, boxing lesson, and cool down.

The conditioning workout includes series of jumping jacks, stretching,
lounges, bicep and tricep workout, and core training. The repetitions vary depending on the
level of the trainees.

Pointers for first time boxers

1 – If you are boxing for the first time, see to it that you are physically fit. If you have
seriou  conditions/ injuries, tell your trainer so he would know the appropriate exercise to give you.

2 – Wear appropriate gym attire.

3 – Bring drinking water. You can always ask from the
restaurant but for the convenience just bring your own.

4 – Extra clothes to change after the sweat session.

5 – Do not eat a heavy meal at least 2 hours prior to your

6 – Do not be shy especially when you see yourself in the mirror and you
look awkward. Ask for specifics or repetition if you really
don’t get it. The coaches are approachable and willing to help you.

7 – Train, do not strain. In all your workouts, never strain yourself. Take it easy!

8 – Allow muscle recovery. 

Me and Coach Zaldy

Is boxing the sport for you?

Is boxing the sport for you? At least I can say it has a lot
of benefits – a complete cardio workout for your stamina and endurance, it will
definitely keep you healthy. In addition, it will develop your discipline, your focus and body coordination. Boxing also builds self-confidence. Whether it is for you or not, you can only decide after YOU TRY.

Visit the Elorde Boxing Gym in Café Lupe if you live around
the area or even in the neighboring towns like me. I officially enrolled myself
as a member. Members pay an annual fee of PHP 1,800 and can avail the
discounted price of PHP 300 for each session. 

If you want to test the waters first, feel free to walk in. You can train for a day, the fee is PHP400. Or you can visit the Gym now! There is a free trial lesson waiting for you until November 31!

Don’t forget to follow ELORDE BOXING GYM – CAFE LUPE Facebook Page for more information and updates!

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