I have created more than twenty blogs for myself and other people. Ninety per cent of these domains were bought from GoDaddy. I have never had problem purchasing domains and other web services from this website hosting company until yesterday when I bought the domain for my new fitness blog site: Muji Fitness. 

Ok. This is not a rant post.

I’m writing this to share the typo I made in my recent domain purchase so in case you do the same mistake, hopefully, you can work things out RIGHT OFF THE BAT.

It’s actually my fault that I bought the wrong domain, keying in mujifitnes (IKR!) instead of mujifitness (with double s) on the domain configuration. Hence, paying for the former with two years of email support, also with the same misspelling…

When I realized all this, IT’S TOO LATE. I have already clicked the buy button.

you have four steps to complete before you complete your domain purchase at GoDaddy… be mindful in each step…

I tried to remain calm and purchased the correct one, again. So, yeah, I did another purchase this time, very very carefully.

After I received the confirmation email, I chatted with my blogger friends on our Facebook FREE LUNCH chat group and mentioned about the error I just made. My blogger friend Momma Lee immediately told me to call GoDaddy and ask for a refund.

And that is EXACTLY what I did!!!

I hurriedly called GoDaddy customer support (via their mobile number). It wasn’t free but what the heck…

I called this number +63 923 099 0453 three times. The third time, I was put on hold to wait for an available customer service representative.

After a few minutes, Ralph, the CSR, picked up and greeted me a good evening.

(Oh, by the way, before I talked to him, I needed to input my customer and pin number. So I recommend you get this all ready, in case you have a business with GoDaddy customer support)

The conversation with Ralph didn’t last long. I kindly told him about my concern and asked if it is possible to get a refund. He gave me a certain yes. I am so relieved!

Parting Words

It is important to note that you cannot change the domain spelling once you purchase it. Be mindful when you input the domain name. DOUBLE CHECK WHAT YOU ADD TO CART. Only click buy button once you’re fully sure about your purchase. I think this applies to everything in life. Thank you GoDaddy for the subtle but much-needed reminder!

Have you made a mistake when you purchased a domain? What did you do? Were you able to request a refund? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!