If you plan to spend a lazy afternoon at Infinitea Angono in BC Ville…

1. Have your milk tea with no sugar. Don’t ask me
2. Bring your charger. The shop has 4 outlets inside and 2
more in the smoking area. You don’t wanna drain your battery over wifi
exhaustion… They have fast wifi by the way (relatively speaking)
3. Bring earphones. You’ll never know when the barbaric high
school students are gonna strike the 
tea house again. Better to listen to Us The Duo than hear their exasperating loud laughs (whilst taking selfies)
4. Bring a book. Bob Ong or Stupid is Forever… anything but Facebook to make your tambay a
productive one.
5. Order Winter Melon Oolong Milk Tea. Preferably large size.
Just saying…
6. Don’t order
choco Nacho Triangle bites. Again, just saying.

7. If you easily get cold, don’t dare wear a sleeveless top.
8. Walk your way home. You’ve just consumed additional
calories. Better burn some…

Lastly, if you plan to go to Infinitea Angono, don’t!!! 

They closed down. 


It’s just that every time I go there, it is always closed. Why? IDK. Surely there are other better cafes around the area–spell SM. You can opt to go to Starbucks, Krispy Creme or Coco. These coffee shops are inside SM Angono.  

But if I were you, I’d opt to spend an afternoon at ACC. That intriguing coffee shop in Caltex Angono, the Art CapitaCafé may be my TAZO salvation! I am so sorry Starbucks… 

And look at these cakes from ACC (Well played name! UCC. ACC. ACC!!!) 

There are many interesting coffeehouses in my hometown like the AngNewNo Art Cafe, Statue of Liberty, Atelier  CaféBean Addicted and Don A’s… But if you want to try a very local one, head to Donya Aurora street near APHS. Dine at Kokit’s  Café. It is a small but cozy coffeehouse where you can meet the friendliest town cafe owners (who blend coffee and make sandwiches with love). 

AH! I miss the days I spent there… I’d love to refer to that cafe as one of my hometown’s classics! 

There! If I miss on something please tell me so I can update my post… and also, if you are not from Angono, can you share your favorite Café in your hometown?

Many thanks!

Photo credit: Angono Tourism