Scuba Diving for the first time at Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas


The list of water activities to try at Club Punta Fuego is as lengthy as that of any beach resort. Guests here can bask in the sun and enjoy the waters of Nasugbu Bay in four areas of the property namely: Fuego Beach 1, Fuego Beach 2, Long Beach, and the Munting Buhangin Beach at the Terrazas. The clear, cold waters that meet Club Punta Fuego’s beaches are ideal for kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, jet skiing, riding a banana boat, and other water sports. One that I tried for the first time was scuba diving.

We were told Club Punta Fuego has a stretch of reef directly off its own shore so I anticipated awesome snorkeling or diving but not scuba diving. So when Ms. Joy, the Operations Manager of Club Punta Fuego, mentioned we can go scuba diving, I was ecstatic!

Apparently, an attractive activity here is the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) priced at PHP 2,500 per person. As the name suggests, Discover Scuba Diving or DSD allows people with no diver certification to learn the basic safety guidelines and skills needed to dive underwater with direct supervision of a dive master. DSD is also an opportunity to swim around and explore the reef with scuba diving gear.

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I’ve always wanted to try scuba diving. Had done a fair amount of snorkeling but wanted to swim deeper and explore the underwater world more 🙂 So when Ms. Joy, the operations manager of Club Punta Fuego mentioned we can go scuba diving, I couldn’t contain my happiness! My first diving experience was just in the shallow 20 feet reef of Fuego Beach 1. As first-timer, I felt scared and worried. Nonetheless, I talked myself out of it and told my diving instructor I was curious and excited when asked how I felt. Looking at our videos (taken by @joeljawsandrada), I looked like a kitten lifted by the scruff. But much thanks to my dive instructor who assisted me the whole time, I felt safe, and also didn’t miss a whole bunch of marine life including gorgeous giant clams, colorful corals and fish too! If you want to try scuba diving, you can do it at Club Punta Fuego. Give it two days and you’ll master this awesome marine sport. They also offer open water certification! READ MORE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE HERE: . . . . . #CLUBPUNTAFUEGO #PUNTAFUEGO #puntafuegoxtgwtmh #scubadiving #batangasscubadiving #firsttimescubadiving #beginnerscubadiving #openwatercertification #nasugbu #swimsuitscubadiving #instagrambabes #underwaterworld #shallowreef #travelbloggers #pinaybloggers #pinaytravelbloggers #filipinablogger #yellowswimsuit #marinesports

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From the photos and videos, you can see me not in a scuba diving gear. The dive master actually told me it was fine but I’d recommend you wear proper diving gear because you might feel cold underwater or might scratch your skin during the dive. You can also see, I looked like a kitten lifted by the scruff. That’s because the dive master was guiding me all throughout the dive and thanks to him, I didn’t freak out.

I mentioned earlier that DSD is an opportunity to explore the reefs more. Compared to snorkeling, you can go at much greater depths for longer periods of time without the need to hold your breath. That’s why it’s important to learn and get used to breathing from a scuba regulator. I summarized what I learned from my DSD experience below.

What I learned from Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Experience

1. The basic scuba gear: mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, dive gauges and a tank – and how to move around wearing it;

2. Breathing from the scuba regulator;

3. Hand signals underwater – how to say yes and no;

4. The beautiful creatures found under the shallow 20-feet reef of Club Punta Fuego’s Long Beach;

5. It’s possible to overcome the fear and anxiety related to diving for the first time;

6. Information on why you should try scuba diving as well as how to become a certified diver through the PADI Open Water Diver course.

Do you know that scuba diving promotes happiness?! Also, doing it for one hour easily burns 350 calories!!!

Like any other sport, scuba diving has health benefits. Not only can divers develop and strengthen muscles as the body moves efficiently through the water, the cells are nourished too because of the mineral-rich seawater. As a low-impact sport, it poses lower risk of injury. It’s also proven to relax the mind by keeping divers focused on breathing and the beauty of marine biodiversity. Wicked Diving beautifully puts it, “scuba diving can deliver the wonderful combination of stillness of mind and a physical workout”.

Aside from being a healthy activity, scuba diving is also a fun bonding activity with friends or family or even with a significant other. I recommend you try Scuba diving because there is nothing like it.

Parting Words

If you want to try scuba diving, Club Punta Fuego is definitely a place to launch your underwater pursuits. This exclusive resort in Nasugbu, Batangas offers Discovery Scuba Diving course or DSD well-suited for inexperienced/ beginner divers. Give it two days and you’ll master this awesome marine sport. They also offer open water certification!

Have you tried scuba diving? What do you think about scuba diving at Club Punta Fuego? Where do is the best scuba diving site in your country?

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