How To Bring More Sunlight Into Your Shaded Garden


Dealing with a garden that doesn’t get much sunlight is difficult. Plants love the sun, so if your garden is constantly in the shade, it’s tough to grow anything out there. It’s not a great space to relax and spend time either because you don’t get the benefit of the sun. 

But you don’t need to give up on your garden just yet because, with a few simple changes, you can completely transform it. These are the best ways to get more sunlight into your garden. 

Cut Back Trees 

It’s great to have some nice trees in the garden but they do block out a lot of sunlight. Depending on where they are positioned, they could be in the way of the sun for most of the day, which is why your garden is always shaded. If that’s the case, consider hiring somebody like the Sydney Tree Company to take a look for you. If necessary, you can take the entire tree out but you don’t always need to do that. In a lot of cases, you can just cut it back and it will make a huge difference. That way, you still get to keep your beautiful tree but you also get more light in the garden. 

Paint The Walls And Fences White 

Making the most of the sunlight that you do have is important in a shaded garden. If you can find ways to reflect the sunlight around the rest of the garden, that makes a big difference. White is one of the most effective ways to do that. If you have garden walls or fences, you should paint them in a bright white. Look at any other fixtures in the garden, like sheds or pergolas, and paint those white too. It doesn’t seem like it will make a big difference but you will notice that the garden feels a lot brighter. 

Add Some Water 

Water is another great option for reflecting sunlight around the garden. If you have space, why not add a small pond or a water feature? It’s a great addition to your garden that attracts lots of wildlife, and it will help solve your sunlight issue at the same time. Just make sure that you don’t place your pond at the bottom of a sloped garden, or you will have issues with flooding. 

Sculptures And Mirrors 

People often use mirrors in the home to make a space feel lighter and create the illusion of space, and you can do exactly the same thing in your garden. Adding some mirrors to the walls or fences is a cheap but effective way to boost the amount of sunlight that you get and direct it to the right places in the garden. Alternatively, if you want something a bit more interesting, why not get some glass sculptures instead? They make an amazing focal point for your garden and they reflect light in all directions. 

Parting Words

Don’t give up on your shaded garden just yet. Try some of these simple fixes and you will be amazed at the difference. 

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