When I first made the low-key business cards for my blog, it’s intended for one practical purpose: to be put into THE fishbowl as my ticket to any event’s coveted raffle. SillyI know… 

That time, my blog was as immature as my idea of business cards: with fickle templates, unsettled palettes, no clear mission-vision, etc.. Even my Social Media Channels then weren’t established yet. 

But as I went through blogging and progressed level by level, my appreciation and commitment to it grewโ€”I got to finalize my blog logo, stick to dedicated layout, fonts, and palette, define my website goals and values, compose my media kit, and UPGRADE MY BUSINESS CARDS. 

Why do you need Business Cards for your blog?

If you take your blog seriously, it should manifest in all aspects. That being said, you should pay attention to everything else apart from your blog content. Even the seemingly petty thing such as a Business Card can create an impact and help you in growing your blog.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a business card for your blog:


Why do you want you as a blogger and your blog to look professional? Well, who wants to work with an amateur? If you are professional in what you do, it says a lot about your know-how or expertise. Chances are high, you produce excellent or relatively finer results/outputs than a blogger who doesn’t have the kind of aptitude. 

Of course, “LOOKING LIKE A PRO” is not the end goal here. You have to be one. And you can start by working on your small cards.   


If you take time to put things together, create your own business card, and politely hand them over to people you meet, you are set apart. It immediately gives the impression that you mean business or your blog means more than an online journal to you. And that you are ready to exchange contacts, interact and even work with fellow bloggers/ clients/ customers.   


While you can always exchange contacts casually or rather inconveniently via smartphone or pen and paper, business cards can give you the opportunity to get the “contact information” of people who can both provide and receive value from your blog. 

Imagine, if in a rare occasion you meet a person you could possibly work with in the future, would you just randomly approach this person and ask for his/her contact information? Sure you can ask for a business card, but how about the chance to introduce your blog and talk a bit about what you do? With a business card, opportunities like this are not missed.  


In many cases, your fellow bloggers, sponsors or advertisers approach you and hand their business cards to you. When you don’t have a business card to give in return, it’s a bit embarrassing. Not having a card to swap/ exchange with a prospective client could mean you are not prepared or you are not interested at all.  


Your business card is most probably the tangible thing you can carry around with you in all the events you participate in. It is like your ad from your pocket. And if it’s designed accordingly, it can strengthen your personal brand by making your blog image more recognizable.    

Where can you have your Business Cards printed?

1. The Thinking Cap marketing

One of my go-to printshops is The Thinking Cap Marketing. They provide probably the most competitive printing price in the market. Their service is great too. I like that there are options when it comes to the type of “card” you can print i.e. plastic and opaque.

For the design, you can always send them your own or choose a template from their Facebook Page. After you’ve confirmed the design, you can pay via bank transfer, other payment services, or drop by their physical shop and pay your order in person. Standard shipping and delivery rates apply.

The Thinking Cap Marketing Business Card printing rates

I had my latest business cards printed by them (300gsm with lamination):

The Thinking Cap Marketing’s office is located at Mactan St., Mutual Homes Phase 3 in Muntinlupa City. You may contact them through their mobile number: 0916 271 8547

2. Alfox

Alfox ยฎ is another reliable online print shop that offers a wide selection of printing services with secure online payment system, high-quality prints, convenient delivery, affordable print cost, and excellent customer service. 

I have ordered my business cards from them several times back in 2017. Unlike The Thinking Cap Marketing, you can design your cards on Alfox’ website or send them your own layout if you already have one. In my case, I made my card design from Canva.com. 

Here’s my business card from Alfox

My Print Order Details:

Business Cards, 2-sides [3.5in x 2in]

Paper Type : C2S 350gsm

Lamination : Glossy Laminated

Rounded Corners : No Rounded Corners

I have a story to share about my experience with Alfox ยฎ

So, I received my 3rd order from this online print shop last week. My order was supposed to be the same as the first one, unfortunately, the color printing was a bit off as it was kinda greenish. I also noticed the paper type was thinner… 

The following day, I tried to get in touch with their customer service through Facebook Messenger. I was assisted by Ms. Abby. I explained about the disparity in my orders and asked if I may have had made a mistake because to be honest I just clicked the reorder button in my account hoping to get the same business cards as before. I didn’t demand anything. All I was concerned about was that error that could jeopardize my future orders so I was determined to know… To my surprise, Ms. Abby apologized and admitted the mistake was on their part AND kindly offered a reprint. I was like, “are you serious?!”… 

Apparently, she is because I got my new cards – at no additional cost!

I am really satisfied with Alfox ยฎ printing services. I know I am keeping them in my radar for my future business needs.

Parting Words

I hope I have succeeded in helping you decide on whether to get a business card for your blog or not. And if you have decided you need one, here is a useful guide on how to create the right business card for your blog from Blog Clarity. You also know where you can order one! Finally, I am leaving you with this interesting quote: “Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

What do you think about owning a business card for your blog? Do you already have one? Where do you print your cards? Share your thoughts below!