When you’re on the way to everlasting happiness, signed and sealed on a piece of paper in the form of a contract, with the love of your life, is there anything better than this? Well, yes, there is – doing exactly the same somewhere far away, soaking up in beautiful views and enjoying the trip with your special someone, your friends, and family!

If you’re looking to tie the knot in 2021 and wouldn’t mind going the distance, here are some of our suggestions for top destinations where you can exchange your vows:

Las Vegas

In the past, Las Vegas was likely the most popular destination wedding choice. This is not exactly the place where you want to celebrate with your nearest and dearest – but if you and your spouse to be are in the mood to do something wild, get married in Las Vegas! More than 80, 000 couples get married in Las Vegas every year, and you can even get an Elvis impersonator to officiate your marriage. But if you still dream of a white wedding, this can be arranged here too – there are options by the pool, on the rooftop, or even ballroom.

Hohenzollern Castle, Burg Hohenzollern, Germany


If you’ve always imagined a wedding in a castle, or out in a rustic small town with a castle on a hill as the backdrop, Germany might be the perfect choice for you. Getting married in the land of bratwurst and beer can work for you equally well if you’re after small town charm or large city action. If you’re a nature lover, a venue somewhere in the Bavarian Alps can be a perfect place to say your I do’s. Hipsters would probably go crazy with a wedding in Berlin, while princesses can find some of the castles that allow renting out for events.

To complete the princess wedding dream, wear a wedding dress that is fit for royalty just like these strapless wedding dresses from Style Aisle London.


The tiniest continent is a great wedding destination for those looking at stunning nature and animal encounters. Even if you already live there, there’s plenty of places to go for a change of scenery and a lovely wedding! You can get married on the beach, out in the mountains or in the city, and then enjoy some diving adventures and world-known nightlife. If you want to bring your family along, look into hotels that will offer exclusive deals for wedding parties. Don’t forget your travel insurance. Here’s a good travel insurance in the Philippines.


Ever seen the Mamma Mia musical? Aren’t Greek islands a gorgeous scenery for a wedding? Sea and the sun will make all your photos so good, everyone looking at them will be green with envy. Think picturesque blue roofs, cliffside views and clear water – living the moments out there will be like in a dream, but you get to save the memories of your wedding forever. Don’t forget the delicious Greek food!

a couple in a beach in Bali


Bali can easily suit some of your wildest dreams and wishes. Getting married on a Balinese beach has been popular for a while now and for good reason. Do you want to say your I Do’s on a beautiful white sandy beach? Or in an exotic lush jungle? How about rice terraces or saying yes on elephants? You name it – it can become a reality. A beach or a rainforest wedding can easily be organized, you just have to find your Bali wedding packages, that will make even the pickiest of guests happy. So get ready for a year of stories about that dream wedding of yours!


Have you always felt a strange connection to Aladdin? Well, getting married in Morocco isn’t quite the same thing, but you can pick up the details. For example, an eclectic wedding dress, henna coloured hands, and wild, sensual entertainment, like fire performers and belly dancers. Morocco is actually quite popular with young couples so you can choose from palaces, beaches and historic courtyards to be the places where you’ll say yes.

San Quirico d’Orcia, Italy


While the whole of Italy can work as a wedding destination, this time we give our vote to Tuscany. If you love good wine and amazing gastro experiences, this region of Italy known for its hilly scenery will make your wedding the one to remember. Medieval towns of Tuscany and the rolling fields will make your guests fall in love quickly, wrapping all of you in a love-soaked weekend.


Get some serious medieval vibes getting married in Ireland. Castles are abundant here, and some of them work as hotels, while others are specialised in wedding ceremonies and related activities for couples and their guests. Ireland cannot promise you sunshine, but it will definitely deliver in the beer and knights in shiny armours department!

Parting Words

Whatever place you opt for, we bet you’ll have the time of your life. Getting married elsewhere also cannot make you a bridezilla, so you’re bound to have more relaxing months in advance, while also enjoying perfect time saying I do and celebrating with friends and family. Good luck!

What do you think of these wedding destinations? Any dream wedding destinations you have for yourself? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!