What you can do for victims of Australian catastrophic bushfires


If you’re looking for how to donate to the Australian catastrophic bushfires, one way is to make donations to the New South Wales Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES). You can send your assistance through PayPal.

You can also send monetary donations to Australian Red Cross.

If you want to help the affected communities, you can donate to The Salvation Army.

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BUT the best help you can give is to help fight climate change by making changes in your habits and influence others to do the same: “Consume less, waste less”

Go for a greener commute. If it’s not possible to reduce your transportation emissions, make sure to offset them. Save energy. Volunteer to plant more trees this year. In Manila, an active group regularly holds tree-planting activities across the country: MAD TRAVEL.

Another simple but immensely helpful way is to avoid the use of plastic whenever and wherever. If you’re shopping, bring an eco-friendly bag. Use jars. Use recyclable utensils. There’s a growing number of eco-friendly products worth-checking.

I also read it is helpful to optimise your diet. Meat and dairy production is estimated to be responsible for 12-17% of total greenhouse gas emissions.

It is true what US Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted,

“What is happening in Australia today will become increasingly common around the world if we do not aggressively combat climate change and transform our energy system away from fossil fuels. The future of the planet is at stake. We must act.”

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