Why are some waiters so rude?


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What really irks me is when waiters act as if they are doing you a favor by taking your order and serving your food. Seriously?! That’s their job right!?! They ought to take orders and bring food! They ought to make your dining experience a good one so that you can enjoy your food and decide to come back to their place next time.

Some waiting staff in a newly opened café in my hometown suck. They were barely polite, grumpy, and didn’t seem to have a common courtesy to all customers. I was really upset by their mediocre service. I guess the photos I took earlier for a potential blog review would remain in my SD card for a while. It’s so frustrating! I couldn’t even come up with a pleasant word to describe their interior nor their food.

The café is just a few blocks away from my house. I thought it’d be very convenient for my family to dine there or buy whatever but then I lost my interest.  My friend told me I should have complained to the supervisor but I wasn’t in the mood to verbally register a complaint. I think for now I’ll just block that café from my list.

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