I only have wonderful adjectives for the party last night and the people I laughed, sang, danced, and ate awesome food with. It was like our themed outfits: colourful, lively, surprise-filled, happy; people are worthy of wearing descriptive words that exude positive vibes, generosity and love!

If I think about the food, the program, the flow of the event, the giveaways and the raffle, it is easy to miss that the We Love To Eat PH (WLTE Plus) Christmas Party was organized ONLY by fellow bloggers. It was massive in terms of the attendees and sponsorship. But there was no outsourced events coordinator. No hired hosts nor stylist. Overall well-executed and organized, nonetheless.

Kudos to the skillful management of the organizers spearheaded by the great Harvard Uy de Baron who can potentially run for public office (IMHO, a future Mayor maybe) 🤷‍♀️ … The unity, cooperation, and contribution of everyone in the group are also commendable. It’s no wonder the party was blasted with a long list of sponsors. The members were the first to give! Shoutout to my travel blogger friends Karla Ramos, Tina Punzal, Lloyd Kevin Urbino, Me-An Clemente, Jaey Ashley Silva, Raina Cheng <3 and to the amazing bloggers I’ve had days of travels and food reviews with: Marianne Carandang, Alexander Alcantara, Piggingoutonsundays Ojie, Angelica Cortez Jose, Jen Santana, Jacque Colitoy, Kristian Marfori, Bunny SA, Maebel Chan <3

After the event, I took home a bunch of goodies—food, grocery items, beauty products… more gift certificates!!! And the best part is, it’s not only me who went home all smiles and bagful, everyone did!!!!

Thank you WLTE Plus, for the unforgettable evening! Thank you EJ Bunag for not thinking twice to add me up <3 Thanks everyone for the exceptional welcome in “our” growing, ever-flourishing group. I’m touched and proud to be part of a community who knows best not only to unite people over food but also to give back and to bring out the best in its people!

I know we rate the food that we review in stars, but I’m rating this #WeLoveToEatChristmas party in galaxies! It’s unbeatable so far! And I’m already excited thinking about what’s ahead! What a party it’s gonna be next year!!!

More power to us! Congratulations and happiest holidays!!!

Photos are from Paul Reyes, Carlo Tecson, and Me-an Clemente

What’s your best Christmas party so far? What do you think about this one? Let me know your thoughts below!