Pyoor Spa’s signature 24k Gold Facial is nothing like any skin care treatment I have had before. From start to finish, I loved it. It is something I wouldn’t feel guilty about spending my money on. It’s gold!!!

These days, I try to get a facial once a month to cleanse and hydrate my skin and also to relax. But truth be told, I haven’t really found a spa to frequent to because I am just so hard to please. LOL. I’m kidding. I just felt that I had mediocre treatments from the ones in our area—not gonna drop any names—but seriously, I am hoping to find a facial salon with warm receptionists and estheticians who are not only well-trained but also love doing their job.

That said, I am fortunate to know about Pyoor Spa and to try their newest skin care treatment: 24K Gold Facial

Facial beds at Pyoor Spa
Massage Beds (I just woke up haha I took a nap)

Pyoor Essentials International

Pyoor Spa is owned by Pyoor Essentials International, a company founded by a seasoned businessman & renowned network marketing industry leader, banded with a power-house team of MLM movers, Cosmetic Scientist from the University of Pennsylvania, Chemists, a passionate Formulator of Organic skin care products & an FMCG top executive as a consultant. The company is engaged in the marketing of certified organic skin care products, Kosher Certified ingredients of supplements and beverages. It prides itself on sourcing products that are pure, safe, effective and maintain a steadfast commitment to zero tolerance of all animal testing from their product line.

Accordingly, the products they use at Pyoor Spa are pure, safe, effective, and animal cruelty-free.

Some products from Pyoor Essentials International

Inside Pyoor Spa

The moment I stepped in, I was greeted by everything relaxing—scent, music, ambience, lighting, the smile of the receptionist as she attended to me. I immediately knew I was in for a two-hour ultimate pampering experience.

Pyoor Spa offers a variety of face, body, and beauty treatments. For this visit, I tried the 24K Gold Facial.

Drinking before my facial LOLS

Pyoor Spa’s Signature 24K Gold Facial

I know a facial should begin with a consultation. But I think because the treatment works miracles for all skin types, there is nothing to consult about – unless you are actually allergic to gold… also, in each step of the process, the esthetician discusses contraindications, so I understand if there’s no sit-down moment before going to the facial room.

1. Scalp massage and hair combing

The esthetician asked me if it is okay to comb my curly hair. Apparently, the facial starts with a scalp massage and yes, combing the hair! And it was very relaxing. She also explained the importance of massaging the scalp and combing hair every time. It provides deep relaxation (SO TRUE!) to the head and scalp, allowing easier blood circulation to the hair roots. With improved blood circulation on the scalp, the hair roots get nourished which triggers hair growth and also gives the hair natural shine!

2. Cleansing

After the massage, the esthetician wrapped my hair with a headband and started thorough cleansing followed by a diamond peel. You can check my Instagram stories to see snippets of the procedures.

3. Steam

A cold gel patch was put onto my eyes and then warmed my face with a thin vapor of steam.

4. Extractions

This is the part I wish to avoid but at the same time, I look forward to experiencing. Luckily, the esthetician was gentle yet meticulous in removing blackheads or whiteheads. There were instances I got teary-eyed but the pain brought by pricking was tolerable. I am satisfied too by how thoroughly she removed dirt from my face. I really feel cleaner.

5. High-frequency

Not really sure how it’s called but yeah the slightly painful pricking was followed up with a high-frequency glass electrode placed on my skin. The electrode generates a little current to help kill bacteria and help the skin heal. Sounds painful but it is not. No discomfort at all.

6. 24K Gold Facial Mask

Next, the therapist applied the gold mask. It felt like other masks although it became a wee bit itchy when it dried. Which I think, again, is like other masks. The gold mask was put on to my face for 20 minutes.

7. Galvanic facial with the 24k Gold Essence

After the gold mask was removed, the gold essence was applied using a medium-amperage direct current. Like the high-frequency it sounds scary but it’s again, painless, also does wonders to the skin – particularly it stimulates skin cells, softens skin, and drive 24k Gold Essence deep into the skin layers.

8. 24k Gold Evening Gel

The final application involved applying 24k Gold Evening Gel onto my face. It smelled and felt amazing.

Skin condition after the 24K Gold Facial Treatment

Like I said, It was nothing like I’ve tried before. I am blown away by how smooth and fresh my skin was. Unfortunately, my battery drained I didn’t get to take post-treatment photos BUT I SWEAR, my skin was rejuvenated, tightened, has better clarity.

I was expecting red spots. You know the marks you get after a facial? But with Pyoor Spa’s 24K Gold Facial, there’s none. My face is what I can call a “date-ready” face even without makeup. It just looks and feels so fresh! I felt pretty and stress-free afterwards!

The treatment for me is a 15/10. It exceeded my expectation and left me genuinely happy! My skin stayed clear with a healthy glow for up to a week after the treatment.

Treatment price

The introductory price until May 31st is Php1,800. Regular Rate is at Php2,500. THE PRICE IS REASONABLE! And with the introductory price, you absolutely get MORE THAN what you’re paying for!!!

Pyoor 24K Gold Set

For home skin care, I was recommended to use the Pyoor 24K Gold Set.

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The gold set (you can see from the photo above) consists of four items:

1. 24k Gold Bar Soap

2. 24k Gold Essence

3. 24k Gold Night Gel

4. 24k Gold Mask

The gold set costs Php7,999. But can last up to 2 months with daily use.

Let me share the benefits and ingredients of each item in the gold set:



* maintains a skin regeneration and blood microcirculation

* helps repair damaged skin and replenish essential lipids and moisture in the skin

* prevent thickened skin and rejuvenate aging skin

* restores supple & healthy skin

* helps develop softer & firmer skin

* increases collagen & elastin production

* smooth out fine lines & wrinkles


aloe vera hydrosol

witch hazel hydrosol

sesame seed oil

orange peel oil

lavender oil

vegetable glycerin

citric acid


24k gold powder (amla)

vitamin f forte ®

vitamins a-c & e




* reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

* reduces the appearance of sun damage

* reduces age spots

* helps lighten skin & even out skin tone

* makes skin look and feel smoother and softer

* slows down collagen depletion

* look younger almost immediately

* provides a golden glow

* promotes skins firmness & elasticity

* minimizes skin inflammation

* lifts the skin

* lessens scarring and skin blemishes

* repairs damaged skin cells


soap base vegetable glycerin

vitamin c

wheat germ (Triticum vulgare)

marine collagen peptide

24k gold powder




soy peptides

sage essential oil



* enhance exfoliation of the skin surface

* refines and smooths the skin

* helps shrink pores for more even texture and tone

* resurfaces the skin without irritation

* hydrates the skin & protects against moisture loss and oxidation damage


amazonian clay

grapeseed oil

bio-enzyme plus powder

vitamin c powder

24k gold powder



* helps invigorate your skin’s youthful appearance and luminous radiance

* results are immediately visible as well as progressive

* increases collagen & elastin production


aloe vera leaf gel

vegetable glycerin

cucumber hydrosol

hyaluronic acid

moroccan argan oil

marine collagen

tomato extract

bearberry extract

vitamin b3 (niacinamide)

vitamin f forte™

vitamins a-c & e


jojoba seed oil

rosemary extract

rosehip oil

amla + 24k gold powder

How to get to Pyoor Spa

For more information about their brand, you may call them at (+632) 477 3752 or email them at or or visit their site and visit them on their office Unit 1102 Galleria Corporate Center EDSA Ortigas Ave., Ortigas Center, Quezon City, Philippines.

Parting Words

With the incredible post-treatment result, reasonable price, total pampering experience before and during the facial, there is no way to ignore this treatment. Pyoor Spa’s 24K Gold Facial Treatment is rejuvenating; figuratively and literally it is gold. It is a treasure I am happy to have found. You gotta try it too!

Do you get regular facials? What do you think of this 24K Gold facial treatment by Pyoor Spa? Do you want to try it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!