The heat is on… like literally! This may be the best time to hit the beach or go to a cool place. Maybe you are still working on your itinerary or maybe you are already packing for your trip. Either way, don’t forget these summer essentials from Tupperware Brands Philippines to protect your skin and pamper your senses even while you’re away.

But before I give you the list, you’re probably wondering if I wrote that correctly: “Tupperware… protect your skin…” And I tell you, Yes! 

Tupperware Brands Philippines (TWB) is a “multi-brand, multi-category direct sales company” that has been “bringing the magic of Tupperware to every Filipino home” since 1966. It’s true that the company is mostly known for “Tupperware” or reusable plastic containers parents use to store food or other goods. But aside from these storage products, Tupperware Brands Philippines is also a trusted household name for ecofriendly baby care and beauty brands.

This hot season, TWB offers beauty essentials you can carry with you when you go to your chosen summer destination. The list of TWB Summer Essentials includes the following:

1. Fruty Delight Sexy Apple lippies (Php199)

These cute lippies will keep you gorgeous during your getaway. These are non-drying and have smooth, satin finish. They also come in four shades: SEXY APPLE, HAPPY ORANGE, INTENSE GRAPE, SWEET PEACH. 

I got the Sexy Apple and Intense Grape. Aside from being affordable, what I like most about these lippies is that they don’t wear out easily even after I finish eating my meal. The tint stays intact and vibrant on my lips. 

2. Fruty Body Mist Intense Grape (Php380)

This Fruty Body Mist is all about giving you blissful moments during your vacation. With its sweet, fruity scent, that is light to the nose, wearing it will not only make you smell pleasant, it can also bring back happy memories.

3. Cool Splash Cooling Powder Cool Blue (P240)

These cooling powders guarantee to make you stay “cool” and fresh for 24 hours. So worry no more about sweating or being smelly after a long exposure to the sun. Freshen up with the musky scent of the Cool Blue cooling powder. You can also try the Zestful Purple. 

4. Expandable Bag (P1099)

Secure your stuff in this expandable bag that comes in bright colors. It is lightweight, comfortable to carry, and has many compartments. 

5. Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion (P399)

Protecting your skin from the sun gives you both health and aesthetic benefits. Apply this body lotion on your skin and you’ll stay well protected. Suncelle Sunscreen Body Lotion provides 100% UVA and UVB protection, Collagen Protect System, SPF 30, and is water resistant, non-greasy, and with Vitamin E. When it comes the smell, I personally like its subtle, standard sunscreen scent 

6. Suncelle Instant Cooling Spray (P299)

If you prefer to use hydrating sprays to freshen your face or reduce facial redness after sun exposure, Suncelle Instant Cooling Spray is for you. It has aloe vera and allantoin that secure an energized and revived appearance for your face.

Today, I’m packing for another summertime escape and these essentials arrived just in time! β€’ The much-needed Suncelle Sunscreen and Instant Cooling Spray to protect my skin from UVA and UVB. β€’ ColorFull lippies for bursting happy hues of summer: sexy Apple and Intense Grape (perfect match with my sexy summer mood). β€’ Cool blue and Zestful Purple cooling powder for a 24-hr body freshness. β€’ Intense Grape body mist for a fruity, blissful vacation by the beach! β€’ An expandable waterproof bag. β€’ With these summer must-haves, I’m also bringing my sunnies to complete a comfy OOTD. Not forgetting my #bestMeEver book for a daily dose of positivity! β€’ What are your summer essentials? . . . . . . . . #suncelle #colorfull #twb #twbsummeressentials #summer #summeressentials #summeressentialsph #summermusthaves #bodycare #sunscreen #coolingpowder #lippies #tupperwarebrands #tupperwarebrandsph #flatlay #likesforlikes #likes4likes #summergetaway #bloggermail #bloggermusthaves #bloggers #travelessentials #travelblogger #travelbloggers

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Parting Words

Summer is truly the peak season to enjoy sightseeing or a beach getaway. But as you enjoy, let your skin and senses enjoy as well with the TWB Summer Essentials mentioned above. For purchase and orders as well as other product collections, please visit Tupperware Brands Philippines Official Facebook Account.

What other products are a must-have in your summer bag? Let us know in the comments below!