How to Edit a Travel Video: Top Tips


It is enjoyable to make travel videos. You are not just on the journey of some of the coolest and most beautiful parts of the world, but at the same time, you even share your travel experience with the viewer.

The most complicated part of making a travel video is editing it. It isn’t easy to edit travel videos. There are not only tons of individuals out there making travel videos, so there’s no scope of originality, but such videos are also notorious for being time-consuming and tedious.

Shooting and editing a great travel video requires a person to be weirdly judicious about choosing the surroundings for the shoot and conservative at the same time. So, here are some tips for travelers into editing.

These tips will help you make creative, engaging, and interesting travel videos efficiently and quickly:

1. Use Sound Effects for Enhancing the Visuals

Images and sound go hand in hand, like cheese and macaroni. Using the right kind of music or sound effects in your travel video will enhance its quality and play an important role in evoking emotions.

Regardless of whether you are going for in-camera sound recordings, standard audio effects, or DIY music, you can use all of them for strengthening, informing, and stylizing your video.

sound effects and visuals in video edits
Use the right kind of music and visuals in your video

2. Plan Your Shots

Creating travel videos means you will be recording different things in a jiffy. No matter how you shoot or record the video, make sure to have a clear skeletal framework of the assignment outlined in advance.

If you really want to polish your skill on how to edit a video, the very first thing that you must do is work on your travel video. For this, you must sit down and go through all the material.

This entails planning all your images carefully for capturing and communicating your story. Also, consider the different angles you want to take the shots from and the emotions you are looking to communicate.

Try clicking candid images of the surroundings, so the viewers will understand what life is like at the destinations on a regular basis. If your travel video has voiceovers, you must consider everything you want to convey during your travel.

Always keep in mind that your travel video is a tour of a few minutes. Therefore, the more viewpoints you incorporate and the more pictures you shoot, your visual will appear more complete.

With extra footage, you will even have several editing options. Try arranging the shots in perfect sequence while filming the travel video. This can help you edit your travel video because it will be much more convenient to place all the material in one place.

make a storyboard for video editing
It is helpful to have a storyboard for your travel video

3. Try to Maintain Camera Stability

This is very important if you do not want your shots to appear blurred and disorganized. Maintaining proper stability with the camera will give you proper shots that speak of quality.

Many travel video makers are not aware that even the tiniest shake or bump on their camera can result in motion sickness on the large screen. This happens very often, and if you do not want this to happen, then avoid shooting your video while walking.

Instead, take more still images while keeping your hand and the camera steady. Focus on the subject of your video using slow but steady zoom capabilities. For instance, if you are shooting another individual, go ahead of the person while allowing them to walk by you while slowly panning the camera.

That being said, avoid overdoing things. Always have one regular way of shooting your travel videos and adhere to the same. Remember, there is nothing more visually unappealing than rapid panning and excessive zooming.

4. Do Not Be Shy

If you are shy in front of the camera, you will make a poor-quality travel video that has little to offer the viewers. Get over your timid behavior regardless of shooting all by yourself or with a friend.

You are making a guided tour video, and being uneasy on the camera might make the viewing experience unpleasant for the viewers. Of course, you might have to practice several takes if you shoot a travel video for the first time.

Practicing with a few takes over and over again will get you comfortable in front of the camera. Try pretending to be discussing something important with someone you are comfortable with. This will bring original footage of you speaking on camera.

Your body language and personality on camera should be perfect. It must express your passion and message. People will easily understand your uneasiness through your body language in front of the camera. So, maintaining the right body language is very important.

A word of caution here is not putting your hands in the pocket. Do not fake things out! And most importantly, above everything else, try to be what you are.

5. Remove Excessive Fat

Once you are done, start trimming excess fat. This entails removing unwanted, undesired, and poorly filmed content from your travel video. Try cutting everything that makes your video messy and unorganized.

The more you cut, the simpler it will be to edit your travel video!

6. Select Music Carefully

Following your journey, you might have varied concepts about what kind of experiences you are looking to communicate with the viewers. Here, music can prove to be highly beneficial.

A simple approach is picking preferable music by limiting your options to just five songs or sound effects. Listen to the songs you have chosen and watch your video simultaneously.

This will help you select music that perfectly suits the theme and the tone of your travel video.

7. Narrate Your Story

Once you have everything you require for creating a fabulous travel video in place, it is time for you to consider elements like the use of images, scene transitions, voiceovers, and special effects. These will together help you in conveying your story. Also, travel tips you should remember during these tough times.


It is very difficult to edit a travel video, but once you have your hands on the right tips and tricks, the entire procedure will get easy and fun for you. There are, of course, some secrets and hidden mysteries involving the travel video editing procedure. But once you know them, everything will turn out to be easy and convenient.

Be creative and enjoy the process. Happy editing!

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