The Winning Image Workshop: What is It and Why it Matters


Flahing our certificates after completing the awesome workshop 

March 11 marks the 6th year of my ESL teaching career and a lot of things has changed.

I have started a business early this year and my blogging activities have become busier. I need to meet a lot of people, especially people in the business scene.

I thought I could make use of some business workshops since I had been an independent contractor for years now, hence, I couldn’t participate in any business workshops provided by the company I work for. The last time I attended work related seminars was when I was at a broadcasting company, but the seminars we had were for voice and acting.

I am glad to be invited by Go Up Events Management to participate in their workshop. Before I discuss about the workshop, let me talk about the event management.

GO UP EVENTS Management

The Winning Image Workshop

The seminar was a fun experience for me I got to be with more than 30 attendees from different companies, some of them are fellow bloggers from other niches. The seminar was sponsored by the go up events.

The speaker was Ms. Leizel Obuga who I find hilarious and witty. It may sound exaggerated but I cried my eyes off because of her punch line. Not to mention her sidekick, Darren who held the make up part workshop.

I was late. I missed a few parts because I needed to finish some motherly tasks before I could make it to the seminar in Ortigas.


As a blogger and an aspiring entrepreneur, I am in the business world and it is important to have knowledge on confidence. How you carry yourself has an impact with your business. It also determines whether you would get a client or close a deal, because how you present yourself is important.

Why is it important?

I learned from the workshop this very important line: You are the message.

And I couldn’t agree more. People would decide to wok with you if they know you are credible, you are reliable. All this, they base on how you present yourself. If you are starting in the business, you need to create a good impression.

Parting Words

Go Up Events has a lot of lined activities to help the people in the corporate industry and the freelancers and anyone who want to develop their personality. Aside from this, they also hold skills workshop concentrated on business writing, presentation, skills that you need to help you in your job. Most importantly,  these workshops are committed to building your confidence.



Leadership Training for Managers

Sat 9 AM · Marie Bella-Sanluis is going

The Selah Garden Hotel

Pasay City

Click here to reserve tickets



SEO 101 for Marketers

Thu 6:30 PM · Via Galang is going

O2 Space


Click here to reserve tickets

We may not be Ms. Pia Wurtzbach, but we need to be like her, confidently beautiful with a heart, able to carry and present our message to the world – ourself!

Thanks for reading this article. What do you think about this workshop? Have you participated in any Personality Development Workshops like this? Would you participate? let me know your thoughts! 

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