Taiwan local media announced Wednesday, June 27, 2018, that Taiwan will extend the 9-month trial for visa-free entry for Filipinos travelling to Taiwan. The visa-free travel program for visitors to Taiwan from the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei will be extended for another year, until July 31, 2019!

With the new extension, Philippines, Thailand, and Brunei nationals will be able to visit Taiwan visa-free for 14 days. That is a reduced length of stay for Thailand and Brunei which previously had a 30-day allowance.

“The visa-free program is part of Taiwanese government’s effort to increase tourists from countries included in its “New Southbound Policy” covering the 10 Southeast Asian countries, six South Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand.”

-CNA Taiwan

So if you are looking to spend Autumn abroad, Taiwan would be a practical destination!

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