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Review – Getting Eyelash Extensions at Asia’s Lashes


So I got this 80% off deal for Semi-permanent eyelash
extensions at Asia’s Lashes in Ortigas. I was a bit hesitant to redeem the voucher because it’s so cheap – PHP 199 – but then it’s endorsed by Ms. Dimples Romana (yeah she’s bought me) and I was around the area so I thought okay, why not… 

BTW, I want to mention that the prompt response of the salon manager to my reservation inquiry kind of helped me decide… Uhm, also, I got the deal 2 days ago, that means I was able to use the voucher a day after my purchase, fast indeed!

The clinic is across from the back entrance of Robinson’s Galleria. It’s located at the lower ground floor of City & Land MegaPlaza. The entrance is adjacent to Garnet road, just across from 7-Eleven. The security will have you log in the record book, ask for ID and give you a small piece of paper for your pass (if you lose it you’ll pay PHP50).   

Asia’s Lashes clinic is easy to locate just turn to your left after you get down the stairs, walk straight the alley and you’ll recognize the “pink room” after passing through some units/shops. 

I was greeted warmly by the receptionist when I arrived. She was a little worried because I was panting – I walked from SM Megamall up to here, rushing so – she’s kind enough to let me settle first and literally catch my breath…

Reception desk… I really regret not bringing my cam… 

I presented the voucher with my ID (so you need to bring at least 2 IDs, the other one’s for the security at the building entrance), then I filled out agreement and consent forms stating terms of service, dos and don’ts before, during and after the procedure and also eyelash care. You can read more about it here.  

Hope you can see the price??? Anyway you can always check on their website…

I said the deal’s priced at PHP 199 but this is only for 35 pieces of eyelashes per eye… if you are okay with it then no need for an upgrade. Normally it takes 70 pieces of eyelashes per eye to make a good extension but again it depends on your preference. Also you need to choose the length of the lash extensions you’d use – Short, Medium or Long length. In my case I used Medium.

It may sound like quite a decision but really the attendants can help you out. They know which is best for you…

About the upgrade, you have to pay additional PHP 299. It’s inclusive of unlimited eyelash extensions, as many as your lashes can hold, and a free touch up within 7 days… The glamorous unlimited extensions upgrade is originally priced at PHP 1800. So PHP 500 is not bad.

It’s so pink… I think staying there for  almost 2 hours turned me to a pink monster.. of course I’m kidding…

It’s my first time to get an extension. I’ve never tried to put falsies on my own so I asked a lot of questions to Mitch, the attendant. Again, you may have the same questions as I had, so here’s a helpful list of FAQs

During the application, I almost fell asleep but couldn’t completely snooze because of the bond agent. It’s a little biting like soap in my eyes BUT tolerable. Mitch said it’s normal. I cried a little and she wiped my tears from time to time. I remained my eyes closed for about an hour. 

There were 3 other customers having their extensions that time, another 3 seated on the pink sofa waiting for their turn. We all had the same voucher from Metrodeal. So I guess the clinic’s got a reputation?

Here’s Mitch doing my lash extensions… she’s delicate and friendly by the way (not to mention funny)… She has this thing for the word “very” haha

It’s a little difficult to open my eyes after the application and drying time… I felt sore in my eyes but that’s expected they said. My eyes were puffy when I went home because of tears. 

The feeling of having extensions on my lashes is weird. I need time to get used to it. But hopefully not a long time.

I woke up this morning with a bit of a red eye. I washed my face and I dropped Visine into my eyes… Now it’s 10 AM and I feel my eyes are more normal… 

You can still see some residue in my lashes… I believe they are from the dried bond agent (and partly from my peeling skin)

Some reviews say that having eyelash extensions may destroy the real lashes, I’m hoping not. Please!

I love my lashes… but you see, having these extensions look even better on the eye frame…

The length of my eyelash extensions is Medium

It’s my first day so IDK yet about the durability of these lash extensions… I’ll update you within the next few days…

My eyes after 2 Visine drops… I woke up with a bit of a red eye… It’s subsiding though…

So far, I’m loving my extensions… PHP 500 for these is not bad at all…

I’m thinking of following the dos and dont’s when you have eyelash extensions.. Hopefully I’d be able to maintain them and care for my eyes…

If you want to get your own extensions, you can check Asia’s Lashes website here. Like them on Facebook too so you’ll get up to date promos.

Or if you know other good eyelash clinics, feel free to share on the comments section below. I’d love to hear from you! Thanks!

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