Erica believes some life lessons are best learned on the road that’s why she travels and goes for an adventure. She shares her stories here: The Girl with the Muji Hat.

Erica’s present job deviates from her educational background but strongly aligns with her passion: writing. 

A 30+ mommy blogger who earns extra from her travels, she is a certified digital marketing specialist and a trained Google ads strategist. 

During her free time, she enjoys pickling and getting busy in the kitchen; she loves Ted Talks, a bit of Netflix and some Comedy shows; she’s also fond of reading poetry, writing poems, listening to music, dancing, playing her guitar; she also does other weird stuff like staring at tall trees before climbing them, smelling magazines, singing in the shower, talking to her pets~

After surviving her c-section surgery, she became more committed to staying fit. She has never stopped doing exercise for the benefit of both her mind and body. Her regular workout involves Muay Thai at Elorde Ortigas Gym and spinny pole class at Polecats Manila.

Currently, Erica is:

β€’ working for the Philippine Heart Association as part of the communications team

β€’ co-founded a Filipina community dedicated to lift fellow Pinays step into their elevated life

β€’ contributing contents to some online publications

β€’ working with brands for food and lifestyle content promotions

β€’ volunteering for the Department of Tourism to promote Philippine local and national tourism

β€’ working on a travel ebook in collaboration with some top bloggers in the country

β€’ co-founded a bloggers community aiming to provide online opportunities and good business among its members and its clientele